Whitehorse Photography Club

Whitehorse Photography Club Showcase

Welcome to the Q2 submissions from the Whitehorse Photography Club featuring three outstanding images by Gerry Steer, Walter Gutowski and Geoff Muldoon. The photo composition by Gutowski was one of the group’s submissions to the North Shore Photography Competition where the Whitehorse Photography club placed 12th out of 29 clubs. Check out the Q3 submission …

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Whitehorse Photography Club: Wildlife photos

Whitehorse Photography Club’s entries for “Celebration of Nature” photo contest. Whitehorse finished 5th of 20 clubs with147 points.

Living with Wildlife: Faye Cable

The Whitehorse Photography Club makes a photo trip to Skagway during June every year to photograph the field of irises at Dyea Tidal Flats. We always see bears on the road on the way home.

Living With Wildlife: Genevieve Chabot

This past weekend, the Whitehorse Photography Club hosted a wildlife photography workshop with renowned Yukon photographer, Peter Mather. On Sunday, we all went to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, where we spent the morning taking photos. I snapped this picture of neatly aligned deer butts seconds after their keeper gave them food. Feeding time is exciting …

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Painting With a Camera

André Gallant proves that you don’t need a brush to be a painter. His expressive photography creates the impression of a painting for the viewer through a series of techniques he has been perfecting over the last decade. “I had been working as a photographer for about 15 years, focusing on travel photography because it …

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