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Whitehorse Theatre Ensemble

Epstein leaves, stage right

Eric Epstein and I are sitting in the black box — the creative centre of the Guild Theatre — the room that can become anything, which has become everything.He reflects back on his last 10 years with the Guild. As he steps out of...

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Turning Hollywood Upside Down

It’s 6:05 on a Sunday morning, and she has a play opening in only six days.So why is Sarah Rodgers sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to Vancouver?Well, so she can spend her day off with Poppy, her 13-month-old...

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Venality vs Purity in Tinseltown

The strength of most plays by Pulitzer Prize-winner David Mamet lies in his characters, the moral murk in which they often exist and, above all, the laser-like precision of his dialogue.With the possible exception of his...

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