Wildlife Art

The Wild Things are coming!

It’s no secret that Alberta artist Kari Lehr loves bears. You only need to look at her bright and expressive bear “portraits” to see she has an affinity with animals.

The art of pelts, skulls and antlers

Cindy Klippenstein is a small-business owner with a degree in fine arts degree, who spends her days fleshing, tanning and mounting hunting trophies as the Yukon’s only full-time taxidermist. And she couldn’t be happier.

Her mountain glories; Her alpine angels

They are not mountain goats to Shirly Ambrose, who, in her own words is an “amateur professional photographer”, they are her “Mountain Glories”. “All of my life I’ve admired the mountain goat. I find them beautiful … bright-whit e, long shaggy coats … “Glorious,” completes Ambrose with a somewhat dreamy expression in her eyes and …

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From Land, to Canvas

A simple thank-you gift spawned a new direction for visual artist Blair Thorson. Nearly five years ago, he and his wife Linda took a trip to Skagway with some friends. When he insisted on contributing to offset travel expenses, the friends protested. Originally, he’d meant to create a gift consisting of a photograph from the …

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