Winter Biking

An Accidental Alien

With the world’s longest undefended border it’s not difficult to become an accidental illegal alien, especially between the Yukon and Alaska. After all, the last time there was a serious passport control on the Chilkoot Trail was during the gold rush. And not so long ago, a person could float down the Yukon River from …

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Winter Sports Smackdown

So much winter, so little time. With Yukon’s abundance of winter recreation options, how do you choose your sport?

Winter Blues Breaker

During Yukon winters it’s important to keep yourself motivated to stay active, and to seek ways of making it fun. While suffering from my own lack of motivation, I searched for something that could rekindle my desire to move again. I spoke to Mike Gladish, organizer of the upcoming Northwestel Hut to Hut cross country …

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Giving Winter the Gears

Somewhere in Riverdale, not far from downtown, but maybe a bit farther from the Canada Games Centre and the airport, lives a merry band of housemates – four adults and two children. What makes them merry? At this time of year, nothing more than layering up their clothing, putting on their ski goggles, and hopping …

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Bi-‘Sicles Built for Two

BY DAN DAVIDSON Two months trapped in the cold, ironically chained to this post, snow-ploughed up to the axles, rimed with forty-below hoar frost, two cycles lean front to back as if they could support each other against the weather. Ridden through summer’s dust and mud they ended here, stopped here, transfixed by this impromtu …

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Fat Tracks

Have you ever driven past someone on a bike at -35 in a blizzard and thought they were crazy? You’re probably not alone. Let’s face it, it’s cold and miserable outside, and bikes aren’t really designed to tackle winter conditions (anyone who has ever tried to ride their mountain bike down a toboggan hill knows …

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