Unsolicited Winter Tips

Sure, he teased us all with an above average fall, but once again Old Man Winter has settled in. Every year there is a hope he might just bypass us all together and maybe visit Osoyoos, but he never does, and therefore we all must learn to adapt. Now by no means do I consider …

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Shovelling Smart

Call me crazy, but I kind of like shovelling snow. Given my advanced age and generally sedentary lifestyle, it would probably be wiser to delegate that task to some neighbourhood kid. But with a driveway roughly the size of Taylor Field, at today’s market rates for child labour it would probably cost the equivalent of …

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Facing the Frost Threat

One of the most beautiful seasons in the Yukon is autumn. But with that beauty comes the threat of frost. In fact, frost is probably the cause of the beauty. Frost is also one of the main challenges a gardener in the north has to deal with. Living this far north we don’t have to …

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