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Yukon Arts Centre

From the Punjab to the Yukon

Gurdeep Pandher was one of the first people I met when I moved to the Yukon. I walked into a Scottish country barn dance at the Old Fire Hall, in Whitehorse, and here was a guy in the remote North in his pagri, at an event, sitting and absorbing the dances and people.

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A Matter of Taste

Musical talent is over-rated, and taste is under-rated. At least, that’s how Canadian-born saxplayer Grant Stewart sees things.”I know many, many, many players who can play anything they hear, and that’s kind...

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The Twelfth Night, Lumbersexualized

Attention all lovers, poets and dreamers: this holiday season The Bard is returning to the Whitehorse stage.The Guild Hall will launch its second show of the season on Nov. 26 with Shakespeare’s classic comedy Twelfth Night, Or...

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A lightbulb, a chair and a bowl

It must be a magic trick, because Andy Massingham is going to hold the attention of a Yukon Arts Centre audience for one hour with just a lightbulb, a chair and a bowl.”… and incredible shadows,” says...

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