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Showcase at The Yukon Arts Centre

Softcore, at the Yukon Arts Centre,  is the first exhibition by the Whitehorse-based North Node Collective, featuring Courtney Holmes, Rebecca Manias, Katie Newman and Heather Von Steinhagen. According to the artists, the medium of soft sculpture, humour and discomfort, are employed as a challenge to tired, stubborn body standards and harmful social constructs. “Connecting the …

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All-City Band

The show must go on

The All-City Band’s March concerts take place the evenings of March 30 and 31. They will be presented through the Yukon Arts Centre.

From the Punjab to the Yukon

Gurdeep Pandher was one of the first people I met when I moved to the Yukon. I walked into a Scottish country barn dance at the Old Fire Hall, in Whitehorse, and here was a guy in the remote North in his pagri, at an event, sitting and absorbing the dances and people.

A lightbulb, a chair and a bowl

It must be a magic trick, because Andy Massingham is going to hold the attention of a Yukon Arts Centre audience for one hour with just a lightbulb, a chair and a bowl. “… and incredible shadows,” says Massingham over the phone discussing his play, Rough House, which shows at the Yukon Arts Centre April …

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A marriage of funk and soul

“I’ve always wanted to come back and share what Yukoners have helped me build,” says Jesse Peters. “Hey, you guys got me started and here is where I am and I want to thank you so much.” The Yukon Arts Centre stage will be a homecoming for Peters and also a family reunion as he …

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Still funny after 500 years

In Italy, about 500 years ago, the lower classes liked to present plays that made fun of the higher classes. And the higher classes enjoyed them, too. Today, five members of Théâtre de la Pastèque (Watermelon Theatre) are borrowing this commedia dell’arte to entertain and, as four of the members of the cast are teachers, …

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Puttin’ on the Ritz for ‘Formal Mondays’

Teetering in heels, gloves, a cocktail dress and a 1950s prom dress, Jessica and I took our seats. The lights dimmed. Musicians Kim Barlow, Kyle Cashen and Fiona Solon took up their instruments to begin their ritual of “Formal Mondays.” Formal Mondays are an exploration of musical talent, bringing in electronica, organs, a cello and …

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Through a Troubled Lens

Through the two photo-based art shows on now at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery, curator Earl Miller asks us to look at the troubled side of the landscape. A well-worn ride-on park toy rusts at the forest’s cut edge; another image draws the viewer into a close-up view of double smokestacks on a coal-fired …

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Our Olympic contribution

The Yukon’s cultural contribution to the Vancouver Winter Olympics is all coming together. On Tuesday, Feb. 16, at the Yukon Arts Centre, audiences will see what the world will see later that week from B.C. Place. One Word: The Yukon Experience, pulls together select performances from The Yukon Experience and What the Land Remembers. It …

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The seven strings of Lenny Breau

He calls it, “The Lenny Moment.” “I found myself frozen as music played the way I’ve never heard it before,” says Pierre Brault, a veteran Canadian playwright and actor who has performed in operas and Shakespearean and contemporary plays. He is speaking of the first time he “experienced” the music of Lenny Breau. His taste …

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It Just Kind of Snowballed

Having an instant audience of many millions didn’t really change things much for Shane Koyczan. “I think a lot of people expected that everything was going to be different, but it’s really not,” he says modestly. “I still go out and do what I do. I tour a lot, and that’s kind of it. But …

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Voice for the Voiceless

Nakai Theatre’s newest production, The River, promises to shine an unblinking light on Whitehorse by presenting voices that normally go unheard. The “sprawling, episodic” play, co-written by Nakai’s artistic director David Skelton, Yukon artist Joseph Tisiga and Toronto playwright Judith Rudakoff, tells the stories of 12 separate characters in 60 scenes with no conventional narrative …

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Confusion and Betrayal

When siblings embark on a new life together in unfamiliar surroundings, it can often result in confusion, conflict, even betrayal. Especially if one is working hard to keep everything together and the other’s life is a mess. That’s the premise of Wake and Bake, a new play by Whitehorse playwright Dean Eyre, which is currently …

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Sharing the Secrets of a Beautiful Craft

If you think those home-tanned moccasins you’ve been eyeing are too expensive, taking one of Shelby Blackjack’s workshops might change your mind. For the past three winters, Blackjack has been teaching Yukoners how to make slippers, mukluks and mittens, in conjunction with the Yukon Arts Centre. “I learned to bead from my grandmother when I …

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The Real Cover Story

Gallery intern Jessica Vellenga stands in the youth grotto at the Yukon Arts Centre, flipping through a handmade accordion-style book. “She’s talking about Vancouver and the smell of the sea, so we put in sea salt,” she says as she flips to a page with a small cutout revealing a handful of off-white sea salts …

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The New Amanda Stott Brings Her New Voice

Five years ago, Amanda Stott was that young, farm girl with the powerful voice. Today, her voice is just as powerful, but it now has more texture and taken new directions as musical influences have reached her beyond the farm.

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