Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery

Come out and see your friends

Drawn Together: embroidered portraits and Doortraits: Intimate Pandemic Images. Meaningful to a Yukon audience. Look for faces you recognize.

For our children tomorrow

Closeup of Velma Olson’s beadwork on Sidney Anderson’s 2015 graduation dress [one_half] To my mind, Honouring Our Future: Yukon First Nations Graduation Regalia is among the most important art exhibits to take place in the Yukon over the past 10 years. I invite you to consider the effects the art processes displayed have on the …

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Emma Barr

Finding beauty in all the right places: Artist teaches how to appreciate art

  Emma Barr is helping people find more beauty in their lives. As a professional artist of mixed media, that has always been her goal. But there is so much more art out there and much of it go unappreciated because many people just do not know enough about it. Or, perhaps, they know they …

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Artrepreneur: Photographer Helps Protect Canada’s Artists

BY NICOLE BAUBERGER It’s a common Yukon experience. You’re at the board meeting, looking around the table. There’s a vacancy in a leadership position. “I don’t know enough,” you think. But as you look around, well, you can’t ask the new board members to do it … This happened to Whitehorse photographer Mario Villeneuve this …

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The art of guilt

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood in the House of Commons on June 11, 2008 and apologized. His address was in regards to Indian Residential Schools in Canada. “Truly, with the Stephen Harper apology, he was just the deliverer,” artist Cathy Busby says. “Stephen Harper is apologizing as the Head of State. So it’s kind of …

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Seeing what you don’t see

What is behind this curious display? What thoughts or intentions are these objects meant to communicate? What part of the larger whole do they play? Jessica Vellenga is interning as a community curator and programming at the Yukon Arts Centre. As an artist, herself, she is eager to illumine the meaning of Residue, the KIAC …

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Dolores Anderson

Dolores Anderson (nee Scheffen) is among the Yukon artists involved with Sewing Our Traditions: Dolls of Canada’s North the exhibition that is heading to Northern Scene in April. The exhibition, which has just completed touring across Canada and to Cambridge, UK, is a collection of more than 50 handmade dolls created by Inuit and First …

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Artrepreneur: From the Arts: Multivitamin Colour

Lara Melnik, queen of craft fairs and cafés, has created an intricate and colourful show of work in polymer clay at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery. If February seems black and white and grey to you, Polychrome could be the antidote. The title wall reflects Melnik’s well-known status in the community. Her name …

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Dreamers Awake

If I did not believe that reason could bring something of value to the imaginative process I would not bother writing about art. I offer my observations in order to beat down a path in the snow to the art shows, to encourage my readers to see them, and to offer language as a tool …

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Lots to look at

Each of Meghan Hildebrand’s paintings sets out a rich site within which your imagination can roam. Let me invite you into “The Royal Game of Us,” just inside the doors of the Yukon Arts Centre’s Public Gallery. Stylized, cut out collaged doglike animals, and possibly ponies, leap across the canvas, legs extended in opposite directions. …

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Lines of Communication

“Book for a Public Library” by Ian Carr-Harris “Drawing is similar to writing.” Those words are printed in bold black letters upon a stark white wall in the Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery. And while the sentence is simple, over a dozen works of art in the latest exhibit lead visitors far beyond minimalism. The …

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