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Poignant Labour Docs Screen in Whitehorse

The Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLIFF) celebrates its fifth anniversary in the Yukon on Wednesday, November 20. CLIFF is an initiative of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), presented locally by the Yukon Employees Union (YEU). Designed to showcase the realities of working life in Canada and around the world, CLIFF will present …

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Knowing Where We’ve Come From

Cleaning out filing cabinets might have been a good idea 30 years ago, but it’s left the Yukon Employee Union (YEU) STEP student with a lot of research. Hired as an archiving assistant, Conal Slobodin’s curiosity left him wanting to fill holes in the union’s records. He started to question past unclear documents, so his …

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Keeping Their Music Playing

When beloved members of a community pass away, thoughts about how to commemorate their lives begin to be tossed around. Sometimes a bench is adorned with a plaque or a seedling is planted. In the case of Gord Polichek and Wendy Perry (Trapp), the community of Dawson City wanted to do something a little different. …

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