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Yukon Gay And Lesbian Alliance

Taking Pride

Stephanie Hammond won’t be dancing on the truck leading the annual Pride parade in downtown Whitehorse this weekend, as she has in previous years. Instead, she quips, she’ll be busy co-ordinating “dozens and dozens of floats”...

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G.A.L.A. provides a service

This is my first column for What’s Up Yukon and I am excited to be able to write about what is happening in the Yukon’s gay community.We are an organized group that meets the first Friday of every month at the...

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Rainbow Returns

After a two-year hiatus, the Rainbow column has returned. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA), without an active board to keep it running, had gone into a one-year dormancy period; however, GALA is once again an active group and...

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Looking Forward

I recently attended the Gay and Lesbian Alliance AGM. It was the first meeting in a year. The turnout was really promising and a new board was formed made up of 11 enthusiastic people, the majority of which are male.It should be...

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Late Bloomers

In the GLBTQ community, a “late bloomer” refers to individuals who come out later in life. They have often had heterosexual relationships, sometimes long-term, but have come to accept their true reality and have made...

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