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In Defense of Earnestness

In my room I have a desk where I work. And on the wall above that desk I have tacked a What’s Up Yukon article dated December 11, 2008. Titled “Worked Hard, Still Working,” it is about Roger Thorlakson, who...

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Portraits of Clay

Harreson Tanner and his wife drove up to the Yukon from Vancouver in the summer of 2002. It rained all they way up, but once they got to the Yukon, the Northern sunlight broke through the clouds and put on a show.”We...

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Bicycle Parts Reborn as Art

Philippe’s Bicycle Repair occupies a modest little house on Wood Street.The front yard is filled with many bike parts, but they are not strewn about as one might expect; rather, they are arranged – designed to catch the...

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Taking Medicine to New Heights

Cambridge medical students are expected to be well-schooled in the art of social climbing, but Peter Steele, who studied medicine at the University of Cambridge, in England, chose mountain climbing instead.”There were some...

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