Yukon Innovation

Kiss your ash goodbye

Yukon Innovation Prize finalist Michael Gerasimoff wants to help transition heating in the Yukon from fossil fuels to biomass (wood) while maintaining the excellent air quality that is a cherished aspect of living in the North. Gerasimoff has a background working in climate change and engineering fields and is a registered professional engineer in geology. …

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Venting for need, intelligent indeed

Like another project, Yukon Innovation Prize finalists Cody Reaume and Thomas Jacquin are focused on improving the energy efficiency of Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs.) The units have become a mandatory part of northern construction because, as buildings become more insulated and efficient, the amount of fresh air capable of circulating into the structure is reduced. …

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A breath of fresh air

Solar air heating panels could be mounted on the side of the house Energy efficiency and well-ventilated healthy air. Yukon Innovation Prize finalist Shane Wolfe is attempting to maximize the potential of heat-recovery ventilation (HRV) units that are integral for those two concepts to co-exist in a building. Northern construction has worked extensively to balance …

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Worming their way onto a kitchen counter near you

Yukon Innovation Prize finalist Sabrina Clarke was a worm composting novice when she first moved to Montreal. In fact, the city didn’t have a composting program at all and residents had to devise their own solutions. Clarke lucked out by developing an idea she’s parlayed into a new project, Yukon Wigglers. “A friend [in Montreal] …

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