Yukon Orienteering

Lost, Who Me??

I bet almost every  backpacker, hunter or any other outdoor person has been lost in the bush, at least for a short time. Most won’t admit it, but will agree that they were, “temporarily unsure of their location” or “I got turned around.”   It’s a blow to your ego to come clean and admit …

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Navigating the North

The 37th annual Western Canadian Orienteering Championships will be held in Whitehorse and surrounding areas from July 3 to 5 of this year. This event comes to Whitehorse once every four years, and represents the best orienteering of the year. The events are typically held on exciting, brand new maps — so it is a …

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Finding your way in the woods

Who runs through the woods with a map and compass, searching for small orange and white flags? That would be a person who is orienteering. This popular Yukon sport combines running or walking and navigation using a map. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It can be enjoyed as a leisurely walk …

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It’s Like Solving a Puzzle

I think we may have been talking too much,” says Eleanor O’Donovan. She’s on the crest of a hill facing Grey Mountain, staring intently at her compass and map. “You don’t pay attention, it’s easy to lose your way.” We’re about 45 minutes into our orienteering hike on a gorgeous solstice evening, blue sky and …

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Relaying the Relay

The Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay turns 20 this year. For all of those years, Ron McFadyen has worked dedicatedly in the background, radio in hand, to make the event a success. “I founded the Yukon Amateur Radio Association in 1976,” McFadyen explains. “At that point we had one VHF radio repeater in Whitehorse, the …

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Navigating Point to Point

Every second Wednesday throughout the summer, you can find a full cross-section of Whitehorse’s population—children, seniors, families, teens, young professionals, even excited dogs—out in the woods, maps and compasses at the ready. The Yukon Orienteering Association brings them together for bi-weekly orienteering meets that cater to the full gamut of abilities, from absolute beginners to …

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