Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Come and see the wildlife!

The Yukon hasn’t seen many nice days yet this summer, but there are still ample outdoor opportunities. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve, for example, has a full season planned.

A smooth recovery

A golden eagle is recovering at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve after arriving in August, weighing only half of what a healthy eagle should weigh. The bird, brought up from Watson Lake, had a fractured scapular, which was preventing him from flying.

We’re Wild About It!

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve voted into the top 10 percent of worldwide attractions to visit on Trip Advisor.

Living With Wildlife – Steve Wilson

This family of foxes are loose in the Preserve; they just seem to like it there. I suspect it is because of all the Arctic Ground Squirrels living there.

Candy for the carnivores

Yukon Wildlife Preserve annual Wild Trick or Eat event. Stuffed pumpkins have been added to the menu for special carnivore feeding.

Living With Wildlife – Steve Wilson

    A family of Horned Grebes having breakfastat the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. Camera: Nikon D7200 [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected][/box]

Living with Wildlife – Dave Sanyal

I captured these photos of sheep during a visit to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve in late May. Camera: Sony Alpha 65 [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected][/box]

Living with Wildlife – Christine Burke

I took these photos at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve on Friday March 18, 2019. Camera: iPhone 8 [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected][/box]

Sourdough Sam Date-off & Auction.

A favourite tradition with a fresh face

After eight years, the traditional Bachelor Auction is getting a makeover! The title sponsor, Beauty Bar Hair & Esthetics Lounge is proud to introduce the first Sourdough Sam Date-off & Auction.

A Clutterless Christmas

This year, commit to giving presents that will be useful, meaningful and appreciated. There are many (so many!) options for Yukoners to consider if you just think a little creatively.

Doors are Open for Culture Days

The Yukon is recognized for its rich cultural diversity, and you are invited to experience it during the seventh national Culture Days and Doors Open celebration, from Friday, September 30 through to Sunday, October 2. “The best place to start your Culture Days experience is at The Old Fire Hall,” says Michele Emslie, co-ordinator and …

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Exotic Animals to Visit the Yukon

A wide variety of exotic animals from Cuvier dwarf caimans, pythons, tortoises, tarantulas, a black lemur and opossums are being brought to Whitehorse for the Canadian Accredited Zoo & Aquarium (CAZA) Professionals 2016 Conference running Sept. 21 to 24. These animals will be showcased in select elementary schools in Whitehorse and at a series of …

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Forget the Tortoise…

The lynx waits patiently by an animal trail at edge of the forest. A snowshoe hare emerges and the chase is on! Within a handful of leaps, each pushing their long hind legs and padded feet through the snow, the lynx is triumphant. She will be in prime condition to nurse her kittens come spring. …

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Yukon Wildlife Preserve

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve has been helping injured, orphaned, and sick animals for over ten years. Located 25 minutes from downtown Whitehorse on the Hot Springs Road, It is a very important place in Whitehorse because if animals need a home they can take refuge there and be safe. Staff at the preserve’s rehabilitation centre …

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Living With Wildlife: Genevieve Chabot

This past weekend, the Whitehorse Photography Club hosted a wildlife photography workshop with renowned Yukon photographer, Peter Mather. On Sunday, we all went to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, where we spent the morning taking photos. I snapped this picture of neatly aligned deer butts seconds after their keeper gave them food. Feeding time is exciting …

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What is Nature?

‘Nature’, or ‘natural’, have become complicated words to define. They have become over-utilized, and given a multitude of meanings.Marketing campaigns bombard us with the word, misusing it to get us to support organizations, approve initiatives, and consume products such as the Chobani yogurt. As a result, society has enabled the misuse of the meaning of …

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Soooo Cute

Some pretty cute babies have been born at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve this spring. There are several sheep lambs, four lynx kittens, a mule deer fawn and a caribou calf. And their cuteness is drawing people out to see them. “Babies are the big hit,” says Marjorie Powers, a volunteer at the preserve. “They all …

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When a Moose Waits…

Rocky was waiting for me. For three days in a row, Rocky, one of our moose bulls, was waiting. To put this into perspective, I had been working at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve for about two months before I got within a kilometre of any moose. The day I did, I called home, woke my …

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Thank You, Yukon!

What a terrific day! It was another one of these fabulous spring-like days we’ve been having. The mountains were covered with snow, the sky was blue, the sun was blazing through my windows and the caribou were grazing on the horizon. Despite the enticing weather, I was sitting at my desk, embroiled in resumes for …

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Celebrating parks

“This is a celebration of all kinds of parks,” says Hillarie Zimmermann, external relations manager with Parks Canada. “Territorial parks, city parks, community parks … anywhere people enjoy the outside.” After 125 years of enjoying these parks, the 20th annual Parks Day will see celebrations across Canada on Saturday, July 17. With the help of …

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The Preserve is for Kids

On my very first day at the Preserve, I met someone. It was a beautiful, cold and sunny February day and I was engrossed in a solitary stroll when a car drove up and stopped beside me. Since the Preserve was closed, and I was new, I was definitely surprised. The driver introduced himself and …

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Road Trip Reveals Yukoners’ Fortune

Irecently attended my cousin Jessica’s wedding in Vancouver. Since the wedding was the first stop in an extended holiday, we decided to drive. Long, yes, but the weather was perfect, the scenery beautiful and, for wildlife viewing, I was not disappointed. Our first big encounter was bison. While I am fortunate to see bison most …

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Skyward Bound

t can happen to anyone. You forget to set the alarm, you sleep in, you miss an important flight. But when you’re a migratory bird, missing your southbound flight in the fall could have disastrous consequences. So when Doug and Yasmine Hannah found a mature sandhill crane wandering in the woods near their farm home …

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Rehab at the Wildlife Preserve

It has been a real pleasure utilizing our new facility, which is filled with unique and exciting features that allow us to provide excellent care for injured and orphaned wildlife. Check it out: in-floor heating and advanced lighting that can be individually controlled for each animal care room. Lighting is fade-adjustable to create sunset/sunrise-like transitions. …

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Skiing the Animal Trail

Bison and foxes and sheep. Oh my! The Yukon Wildlife Preserve on the Takhini Hot Springs Road offers all of these and more—and it’s recently added a series of track-set ski trails to give visitors a new way to get up close and personal with the animals. The Wildlife Preserve covers over 700 acres of …

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