Yukon Women in Music (YWIM)

Music gets the campfire cooking

They decided it would be fun to spend the summer playing as many of the Yukon Parks cook shacks as possible. Music in the campground.

YWIM Take it Outside

Summer’s here and the time is right for a musical evening garden party. On Saturday, July 5, Yukon Women in Music are coming out of the bars and concert halls and bringing their music to the deck of the scenic Stehelin Ranch on Couch Road. “The Garden Party is a unique atmosphere because it’s held …

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The Yukon’s own Lilith Fair

It isn’t easy to mount the Yukon’s own version of Lilith Fair. “It was a lot, a lot, a lot of work,” says President Erica Heyligers of the latest Yukon Women in Music project. “Yeah, a lot of work,” agrees her vice-president, Barbara Chamberlin. And even though the CD, Tether Hooks & Velcro, has been …

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YWIM: Our Best and Newest

It’s been a long time since I was in public school. As I remember, we had a music program … we sang and entered choir competitions and had a great ol’ time. But it was nothing like the North Klondyke Highway Schools has. I know this because of this new CD these schools have produced. …

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“… just a tiny thing with a huge voice”

Krystal Dawn, recently returned from touring with the North Klondike Highway with Yukon Women in Music, has been gracing musical stages from an early age. At 2, she stood on her coffee table singing her mother’s favourite music and now she graces the stage at Flipper’s Pub on Whitewater Wednesday. “My first real performance was …

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Song Rise Filled with Diversity and Talent

Yukon Women in Music (YWIM) have released their fourth album, which is as musically diverse as their membership. Founded in 1998, the YWIM collective brings together female singer-songwriters who pool their talent and resources for concerts and recording opportunities. To date, it has released a live album, a sampler of pre-recorded tracks and a more …

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Artrepreneur: A Visual Feast … and Then Some

Arts Underground was packed on Nov. 20. Not only was the Yukon Art Society Christmas show opening, but Yukon Women in Music was holding a fundraising auction there, the same night. Local artists and businesses had decorated birdhouses. Northerm Windows adorned a birdhouse with glass mosaic and frosted mirrored walls. Kim Beggs’ surreal and whimsical …

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YWIM New Album Features 14 Talented Yukon Women

Storytelling has always been an integral part of Yukon history and tradition, in all its forms and mediums. That’s why this year, the non-profit Yukon Women in Music (YWIM) chose to make it the theme of their fourth and latest compilation album, “Song Rise”, which was just released in November. Under the common thread, Yukon …

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YWIM Celebrates a Decade

On Saturday, May 29, a special concert is being held to celebrate a decade of YWIM (Yukon Women In Music). In truth, it has actually been 12 years since the YWIM idea first came about. In 1998, at the home of Lucie Desaulniers, a small but passionate group of women musicians started meeting to address …

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Carols and Moonsongs

Who’s in for soaking up an afternoon of heartfelt acoustic and strong songwriting in a peaceful environment, while the snow outside drifts ever deeper? Copper Moon Gallery’s newest music series, Moonsongs, started up on Sunday November 21 to an appreciative and dedicated audience who struggled through a heavy snowfall to attend. Co-organized with Yukon Women …

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Sharing Django’s Secrets with Yukoners

Don Ogilvie’s love affair with Gypsy jazz dates back 40 years. Like most budding musicians in 1970, Ogilvie was mostly into rock music at the time, but he also played with a New Orleans-style band. Then he discovered Jean “Django” Reinhardt, the Belgium-born Romani gypsy who pioneered the distinctive sound that became known as “hot” …

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Rally Round

Kendall Sullivan knows exactly how she and her daughter contracted Lyme disease. “I was rock climbing in Banff 16 years ago.” says the one-time Yukoner. After the climb, her friend noticed a tick on her head, which they promptly removed and brought in for examination. They were told if they’d gotten the whole tick, she …

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Dinner and Music: YWIM Perform Oct.

The fall has arrived with a multitude of cultural activities. It is also a tremendously busy time on the Francophone musical scene. Yukon Women in Music (YWIM), in collaboration with the cultural sector of Association franco-yukonnaise, have organized a Café-rencontre — the traditional Friday dinner with the Francophone community — followed by a show featuring …

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