Apocalypse When?

Call me a skeptic, a cynic, I don’t care. Heck, go the distance and call me a heretic, if you wish. Truth is, I don’t believe in the Zombie Apocalypse. Or the Four Horsemen variety, for that matter. It’s not that I harbour illusions about mankind’s lease on this planet having no expiry date, or …

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Hunt or be Hunted

Zombies. Would you be ready to fend for yourself if the undead filled the streets? If you haven’t thought about it yet, you’re already behind. But that’s okay, because Whitehorse resident Christi Mathews is throwing a party that will have you zombified. After putting on a successful Halloween party last October, Christi Mathews and six …

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Hallelujah, Zombies and the Man with the Octopi Hands

“Zombies. The theme is obviously zombies!” A man wearing a black Mexican wrestler’s mask, with a gaudy, bejewelled cross emblazoned on his forehead, spat poetry at the crowd, reading off a black iPhone. He spoke tersely, repeating himself in French after each tight verse. The man behind the mask finished the last barbed line and …

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