Adam Cripps

Adam Cripps currently plays bass for the Ukes Of Hazard.  Adam has also previously played for Whitehorse bands Nemesis and Common Knowledge.


Issue: 2015-06-18

Paris Seymour, better known by her stage name Paris Vagabond Gypsy, is one of a kind. In the year-and-ahalf since the pirate-costumed, bass-playing, ukulele-strumming, singer-songwriter (and one-time burlesque dancer) arrived in the Yukon, she’s... Read more

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July 24, 2014 Issue#388

Suppose you wanted to try something different in life. Would you brave the unknown and hitchhike across Canada? Would you take up playing a whimsical instrument? Would you become a busker? Would you start your own band? Read more

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"After we recorded the album, I told everyone that my intention was to submit it to the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards," he says. A few weeks ago, there was another leap forward, when the band learned that Colour Blind was in nomination for Read more

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Les Walker is back with a new band, Common Knowledge. The former lead vocalist for Fullers Earth progressed to a more radio-friendly alternative rock sound to back his hope-fuelled songs. Read more

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Adam Cripps is a "leet" bass player. Best known as the bass player and the "C" of CHS, Cripps can lay down a furious heavy-metal bass line, drive a classic rock song like Foxy Lady or accompany Yukon Jack's Clint Carpenter. Read more

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