2010 Condor Contest

Nathalie Ouellet was feeling the usual letdown after returning from a European vacation, when she saw an advertisement for the Foreign Correspondent Contest in What's Up Yukon. "I love writing when I travel," she says. "It re-enforces the experience Read more

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The red beech trees swayed in a mysterious way shielding my view from the Kings Throne. Ah, the chalk cliffs of RĂ¼gen, songs should be written about them. These sheer, almost tooth-like cliffs face the Baltic Sea, which can be emerald green, but was Read more

Yukon Archives

I visited Germany once. My brother was stationed there with the Canadian Army and he was dating a German lady, Gabi, who is now my sister-in-law. Germany has the Autobahn, but she took us along slow, winding roads with achingly beautiful scenes.... Read more

Condor Contest