2012 Condor Contest

Most of my last year in elementary school was spent wondering what it would be like to be outside, instead of being in a crowded classroom looking at old pictures of art or memorizing a list of spelling words. By February, I wasn't trying my best an Read more

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Editors love – and hate – writing competitions. We love them because they give us a chance to discover how different writers approach similar subject matter, the choices they make about what details to include, the images they employ to paint ... Read more

"Oh, the Yukon. I'm planning a moose hunting trip there." Not the expected response from a Turkish rug salesman, as one wanders through the narrow cobblestone streets of Istanbul's historic district, Sultanahmet. I felt far from my northern home wh Read more

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Condor brought us from the wilds of the Yukon to the city of Frankfurt on a late summer day for our Great European Adventure of 2010. How amazing that only nine hours later, we were there! Here is a sample of our travel journal. Read more

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