Issue: 2014-10-09

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October 9, 2014 - Issue#399

Keith Vig dances to Joe Loutchan's fiddle music every Thursday at the 98.

Grizzly Giant One

Steve Wilson

I was so fortunate to spend a couple of minutes with this amazing giant while he was grazing on the side of the road south of Whitehorse. He wasn't interested in looking at my camera and I wasn't interested in asking him to. Read more

Living With Wildlife

Peggy Duncan wasn’t the oldest member of Team Yukon in the recent Canada 55+ Games in Sherwood Park, Alberta. That distinction went to 90-year-old Irene Mahoney. Read more

Yukon Active

The Shape of Things, which runs every night at the Guild Hall in Porter Creek until October 11, continues playwright Neil Labute’s reputation for blunt depictions of men and women at war with each other. Read more

Annoyed and tired after three weekends in a row of hunting with no success, we ended the second-last day in our favorite hunting spot. Read more

Hunting For Wildlife

What happens when a person dies? We don’t truly know the answer, but death does hold one certainty: a once animated body stills. We do know what happens to the bodies of the dead. The standard North American options are casket burial in a cemetery Read more

Photography - Film


glenn-specht Getty Images/iStockphoto

One of the more frustrating aspects of getting older is the way time becomes distorted. A simple task like making the day’s first cup of tea can take as long as four hours. Really. Let me explain ... Read more


Because of the cerebral nature of her work, Lawrie Crawford describes herself as an “outlier” in the Yukon, where landscape painters predominate. Measuring Space, Lawrie Crawford’s solo art show at the Northern Front Studio in Waterfront Station, Read more

Yukon Arts

Didee Didoo Oct2014

By Allan Benjamin

There’s a peaceful little town on the banks of the river where the wolf an’ caribou roan That’s where she calls her home. In summer there’s no nights Read more

Old Crow

Keith Vig knew how to two-step before he knew how to read, write, or add sums. A good tune would come on the radio and his mom would get him to dance with her on the kitchen floor. That was before he was in school, and when it all began. Read more

Yukon People

Some say that dogs of a certain age can’t learn new tricks. Sue Starr can’t speak for the dogs, but as a community organizer, adult educator, and driving force behind the new Heart of Riverdale community centre, lifelong learning is both a joy and Read more

Yukon Education

So, you think you can see the light? Think again. Read more

Yukon Arts

Waking up to a layer of snow on the ground, Sid van der Meer ventures out to his museum. He is getting ready for winter when he will be in sunny Arizona and his museum will be covered in snow. Read more

, Beaver Creek

After the first successful year of the Rural Experiential Model (REM), a program allowing rural Yukon students from Grade 10 to 12 to take classes in a variety of unique subjects, the Department of Education has increased the resources and enrolment Read more

Dawson City

Working outside is a given when gardening. Planting, weeding, and harvesting all are labour-intensive jobs, which are done manually on our farm. Most of the time, working in the garden it is just that, work; it is very easy to focus on the job that Read more

Farm - Garden