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December 24, 2014 Cover

"Winter Is Long

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Coffe & Conversation

Denise L Norman

It’s a sight you don’t expect to see: on most weekends and occasional weekday evenings, a lone woman with long blonde hair and a very strange looking backpack can be found walking the streets of downtown Whitehorse. Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

Rendezvous Queen

Angela Szymczuk

If you thought royalty was something found only in Europe, check again.Unknown Object In the Yukon, February ushers in a new breed of Queens for the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous festival. However, becoming a queen is no easy task — Read more

Making A Difference!

Yukon Food Festival 2014

Photo: Courtesy of TIA Yukon

The Yukon is unlike any place I have ever been. It boasts a rich history, a remarkable cast of characters who readily share fascinating stories, and a vast and unforgiving landscape that has shaped the people and culture. Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

In Bloom Flowers

PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens / Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens / Brown paper packages tied up with strings / These are a few of my favorite things.” So goes the delightful Christmas song. Read more

Yukon Archives

Svetlana Zakharova as Nikiya

Damir Yusupov

Deep-pocketed balletomanes (ballet fans) could spend thousands of dollars flying to Russia to catch the legendary Bolshoi Ballet in action. Or, for a mere fraction of that, they could experience the splash and spectacle of one of the world's ... Read more

Theatre - Dance

Film: Boyhood

Matt Lankes, Courtesy of IFC Films/Mongrel Media

The Yukon Film Society is very excited to present a film that is currently at the top of many “Best Films of 2014” lists, as well as the award season buzz (5 Golden Globe nominations): Boyhood, by Austin-based filmmaker Richard Linklater, plays on Read more

Photography - Film

Old Crow Santa

PHOTO: Robert Postma

Sometimes you experience things that you never would have expected. I never thought I would be living above the Arctic Circle in Old Crow dressed as Santa while sitting in a sleigh with mush dogs towing me down the street. Read more

Yukon Christmas

Steop Outside Ice Fishing Part One

Photo: Thinkstock!

In southern Canada’s ice-fishing season, lakes have been traditionally dotted with wooden ice huts or shanties. These are frozen in places with propane or home-built oil drip stoves to keep the anglers warm. Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

Popcorn With Maple Syrup

PHOTO of Mary Pickford

People who bemoan the state of Canadian film, when compared with the media juggernaut that is the American film industry, would do well to watch Popcorn With Maple Syrup Read more

Photography - Film

Dakhká Khwáan Dancers


Marilyn Jensen was inspired to start a dance group after finishing her master’s degree at the University of Victoria. She studied Indigenous governance, and said she was surrounded by people who were connecting with their culture, language, tradition Read more

Yukon Culture

Santa By Snowmobile

Manufacturing, transportation — even writing styles — have all changed since Clement Moore's famous ditty, A Visit from St. Nicholas, first appeared anonymously in the Troy, N.Y. Sentinel on December 23, 1823. Read more

Yukon Archives

Ball Point Pens


I'm grateful for my Canadian citizenship. I'm grateful for the constant support of my family. I'm grateful for the serving staff at the Gold Rush. I'm grateful for my job and my co-workers. I'm grateful for the dogs in my life. Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

Edible Yukon Christmas Pudding

Kim Melton

Ah, Christmas — the time of year when magazines abound with recipes promising taste sensations derived solely from rainbows and snowflakes. At least that’s my assumption because they are the only things not on the list of excluded ingredients. Consid Read more

Wild Harvest

Nut Cracker

Art: Angela Szymczuk

Nuts are a staple product come Christmas time. The Nutcracker ballet is a staple theatre Unknown Object production, too. Combine the two and you have yourself a merry little nutcracker soldier man. But where on earth did the nut-cracking device ori Read more

Yukon Archives


Rick Massie

Until recently, collections of Yukon natural history have been given homes in other parts of the country. Our own territory has had no formal collection of our own diverse species of birds, plants, or insects. Someone living in Ottawa had a better Read more

Yukon Wildlife

Special Deluxe, A Memoir of Life & Cars, by Neil Young

Jacket cover of the book Special Deluxe, A Memoir of Life & Cars, by Neil Young

If there is anyone left in Canada still interested in figuring out how Neil Young's brain functions, his second memoir Special Deluxe, A Memoir of Life & Cars, is not likely to clear up the fog. Young, 69, is just not wired like the rest of us. Read more


Clancy The Cat

Dan Davidson

Clancy the Cat didn’t show a lot of interest when I dropped in to the Humane Society Dawson (HSD) shelter to visit him a couple of weeks ago. The big orange tabby looked up at me sleepily and curled his tail back around his feet before closing his Read more

Dawson City

Jake Pet Santa

Darrell Hookey

Although he was born only just this decade, Jake Lucas-Hamm has already figured out that life can be unfair.­ He knows that he will be getting presents from Santa Claus soon, and he knows his dog, Spencer, will be getting presents, but what about the Read more

Making A Difference!

Sheldon Currie wrote a short story about a family in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, that echoed his message in the acclaimed Margaret's Museum. Lauchie, Liza and Rory, too, looks at a Cape Breton Island community.... Read more

Theatre - Dance