2015 Condor Contest

Northern Bard: Armin Johnson  "In the Yukon Wild"

Photo: Mandy Johnson

“You know your spent in the Yukon Wild When you can’t even fake a smile We’d been digging for days And how you long for the praise That would make you go on for a while” Read more

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Summer Skies There once was a flight path to Frankfurt, And Yukoners all gave thanks for it. We'd take to the skies, Arrive on time, no surprise Read more

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Northern Bard: Sean Yurchak "Different Worlds"

Sean Yurchak

The Condor, the name for two species vultures, known to be the largest flying landbird in the western hemisphere, inhabiting the old and new world, and eponym for the giagantic flying bird called a plane, that connects the Read more

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Northern Bard: Jill Delaney

Jill Delaney

As I make my way across the land, I’m filled with joy in this place so grand. - Rugged mountains spread before my eyes, Inspiring in me many happy sighs. Read more

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Northern Bard: Mark Penner "The Yukon Provides"

Mark Penner

No book nor picture can suffice to express, The wonders and the nature of this peculiar place. Snow peak mountains, with its willows buried by the winds, While Dall's sheep graze cautiously, Every step taken with grace. Read more

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Northern Bard: Don Green

Photo; Don Green

And the Winner of our Northern Bard poetry contest is… Don Green The subject line on the email began, “DON YOU HAVE WON” and I was reaching for the delete button until I saw rest of subject line, “THE CONDOR POETRY CONTEST!” Then I thought, Read more

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A stranger in a strange land Everything is foreign, Except for this feeling I see it... I feel it, Read more

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Northern Bard: Zoe Verhees

Zoe Verhees

"Check for ticks" they said I never knew, never saw a tick in the Yukon Stolzenhagen, Germany (but almost Poland) You could walk there Read more

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Out On the Trail

Photo: Robert Mundell

When the dogs are ready Their traces tight It's time to be off Into the cold crisp night Read more

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Northern Bard: Elke Gruninger

Photo credit: Elke Gruninger

In the past it was the gold rush to make a fortune with a claim. Many people came to Whitehorse, some by foot, by ship or by train. Read more

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Northern Bard: Jeninne Cathers

Photo: Jeninne Cathers

From the Yukon wilds of rivers and mountains To Europe’s history of castles and fountains; A flight away; it’s not that far On Condor, connecting here to “thar”. Read more

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Northern Bard: Collyn Lovelace

Photo Credit: Sean Yurchak also known as Beau's dad.

Eine glückliche Verbindung Ein shared curiosity exists between the land of the midnight sun and the place we call Germany, and they Deutschland. Read more

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Northern Bard: John Birmingham "The Wind Whispers Freedom"


The Condor soars into the valley trough with wings spread wide on a final glide, It's cargo a collective adventurers all European noses press flat the glass, White grey gold piercing beauty descending majestic pride, Read more

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Northern Bard: Lillian Loponen "Moonlight Madness"

Lillian Loponen "Moonlight Madness"

‘Twas crisp Christmas Eve, a cold thirty Celsius below, ears alerted for skidoo sounds. The night light deepened, vast forest hushed, snow iridescent in the full moonlight. Read more

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Original Artwork by Lyndsie Simmons

Original Artwork by Lyndsie Simmons

A long time ago in the Land of Snow A little girl found a bug, Atop her magic carpet (which was really just a rug) They flew together far and wide Hand in wing, side by side. Read more

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Northern Bard: Paul Rath

Photo: Paul Rath

Aboard the planes of Condor Air, they come, to marvel at Kluane's soaring peaks, and see moose feed beneath the Midnight Sun retracing steps of those who gold did seek. Read more

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Northern Bard: Anell Angeles Trejo

Photo: Anell Angeles Trejo

Where to start and when to end? welcome to paradise my friend - Every inch of this nation tells a story where the people work hard to get the glory Read more

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Northern Bard: Kjmunro

Photo: Kjmunro

untold reflections of views beyond your cabin – the Condor in flight Read more

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Northern Bard: Valerie Dykshoorn "WILD AND FREE"

Photo: Gavin Dykshoorn

Let’s live a new life, Darling you and me, In the old true North, Where the Earth can breathe. Let’s live a life that’s wild and free. Read more

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Northern Bard: Fireweed Collage

Lianne Charlie

The ground still smolders Flames lick the remaining trees, now posts Raw Standing stoic on the land Blackened burns sting to the touch Igniting memories that dance around us in the smoke Read more

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