2017 Canadian Contest Author

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2017-05-04, Canadian Poetry Contest

For me to be a Canadian in the force of life I had no choice in the matter, to be a Canadian, and a Yukon Canadian at that. this is why I am glad I'am a Yukon Canadian. Read more

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Poem Image by Joe Zucchiatti

Let this winter be not so brutally cold as the last Read more


What it means to be Canadian by Juliette Joe

It is special to be Canadian. Canadians are helpful, and we keep our land clean. Read more

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Photo taken by: A kind stranger named Megan

First some background: my family and I joke that; if you have 4 closests for 4 seasons, you may be a Canadian. Without further ado, this submission is my rhyming couplet poem under 200 words. Read more

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Photo: Catherine Millar

During a trip to Europe many moons ago I travelled with a bunch of friends really in the know. They insisted on parasailing and soon were up and gone; I guarded our stuff on the dock and put sun tan lotion on. Read more

What it means to be Canadian by Eric Hindson.png

What it means to be Canadian by Eric Hindson

From coast to coast, we do shine Like the light from an azure sea There’s no where else in the world That I’d rather be. Read more

Canadian – Living in one of Canada's capitols, near the Arctic Circle Read more

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2017 Canadian Contest - Aramintha Bradford


2017 Canadian Contest - Kate Koepke

Canada a country celebrating 150 years . We have lost many soldiers and cried many tears Read more

"What It Means To Be Canadian"

Renate Schmid

A Rhyming Couplet inspired by the show “Fly Over Canada” at Canada Place in Vancouver Read more

What it Means to Be Canadian The rich and bountiful stolen land, connected by dreams of megalomania fallen into disrepair A land of space for all and many more, even on the southern border with the States Read more

Minhee, Sandy and Max Fergusson at Rotary Park in Whitehorse August, 2016.jpeg

2017 Canadian Contest - Steve Fergusson

If We Could See If we could see from sea to sea to sea, Oh, how wonderful it would be… From snow-capped mountains in the west To sled dogs running in the Quest. Read more

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2017 Canadian Contest - Nicole Schroeder

Multiple Nations. Leisurely dancing blades of grain, The stark brightness amidst a dark sky, Forceful mountains of snow graced across terrain. This is where I am from. Read more


2017 Canadian Contest - John Birmingham

Ode to a Canadian It’s a feeling, an understanding of sorts It’s an emotion arriving without court That runs through the bones A quiet confidence spread across many zones Read more

What it Means to be Canadian What it means to be Canadian, it’s the essence of being free. It’s self determination and democracy, for family, friends and me. Read more

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2017 Canadian Contest - Jeannine St. Marie

What it means to be Canadian We are a people like this land, wide open and wild, each of us as uniquely brilliant as the northern lights that dance across the sky in iridescent colours, each as diverse as the people who fill this magnificent land. Read more


2017 Canadian Contest - Jessica Pumphrey

Lakeside Contemplation This familiar question, this complex quandary, we only seem to solve via the dismissal Read more


2017 Canadian Contest - Brendan Morphet, Photo Credit: Sally Cohen

Eh? to Zed. Tims in hand, cross country drive has begun. Travel from The Rock to Midnight Sun. Going to chat with folks from across this great nation But…everything I hear requires explanation. Read more

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2017 Canadian Contest - Nadine Peters

It's Northern lights with emerald shine Upon a breaking dawn It's long, cold nights that chill your soul As winter lingers on Read more

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2017 Canadian Contest - Pam van Kampen

The Canada man sat opposite me I, all nervous and prepared And when his judgment came to be These were the learned words he bared Read more