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Issue: 2016-08-25, Photo: Kim Melton

'Tis the season where giant vegetables are being harvested from gardens and potentially prize-winning jams are being churned out for display in the hopes of gaining a ribbon. This was the case at Dawson City's horticultural exhibition as part of... Read more

Mount Lorne

Cliffside Country Store and Greenhouse Country Store

Issue: 2015-10-08 PHOTO: Kim Melton

The Potluck Community Co-op is ready for its next step. For the past year and a half the Potluck, focused on 'good food' beginning with local and organic, has run a weekly pop-up shop with online ordering. While 'breaking even' according to board... Read more

Yukon Business

The Real Dirt

Photo by Joan Norberg

A few years ago, a neighbour told me my garden needed to be amended with some dirt. He was referring to the stereotypical black soil that can be purchased from either big-box stores or a local distributor who harvests the soil from old marshland... Read more

Farm - Garden

Recently, there's been more focus on our food — what is in it, and where it comes from. Living in the North, securing a steady supply of food is a topic in our food conversations. Read more

Farm - Garden

Options for locally-produced and higher quality food are about to get a whole lot better in Dawson City, if the Dawson Food Secure Advocacy Group (DFSAG) has anything to say about it. Read more

Health and Wellness

Candy Kent is a character written from a Dickens novel, always aware of the situation at hand and with a fresh-yogurt sense of humour, prepared to offer a recipe for any combination from banana to avocado with Spanish onions. Read more

Yukon Local Business

I noticed, when I worked as a wine merchant, that wine enthusiasts love a challenge. Occasionally a customer would come into the store, and relate a menu he or she was planning for a dinner, and ask for advice about wines to serve. Invariably, two... Read more


Tana Silverland didn't ask for any attention, but she's learning quickly that it has a way of finding her. The British ex-pat, who used to be a university administrator in Cambridge, England, is about to embark on a two-and-a-half-year bicycle... Read more

Yukon People

Want to proudly face your beer bottle label forward at parties this summer? Purchasing an organic beer is one way to do just that. When it comes to the environmental impact of drinking beer, the three biggies are transportation of product and... Read more


When it comes to organic gardening, many gardeners are not exactly sure of the definition Read more

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