Amelia Merhar


Issue: 2016-10-26, PHOTO: courtesy of Amelia Merhar

This is part 4 of a four part series, chronicling one woman’s Tinder dating experience (or lack therof) in the North. I heard a rumour that the old pond hockey tournament in Whitehorse was started by a woman seeking to land an Alaskan husband. Read more

Yukon People


Issue: 2016-09-15, PHOTO: Chris Healy

Hello, dear readers. The Annual Territorial September Scramble is on in full force. Up the Klondike Highway where the winters are darker and colder than in Whitehorse, the stakes of the dating game are stacked even higher. Read more

Yukon People


Issue: 2016-08-25, PHOTO: by Amelia Merhar

Say you’re a single person throwing a barbecue. No stranger to the rigours of quality event coordination, you line up a food and drink theme, secure a donated fire pit, invite all your friends and lots of peeps you know but never really hang out... Read more

Yukon People


Issue: 2016-08-25, PHOTO: by Amelia Merhar

Amelia, 31. University of Alaska Fairbanks. Yukon College. Grad student, artist and musician. Happy to be back up North after a year at school! Small truck and a big dog. That, my friends, is my Tinder profile. Tinder is one of of numerous... Read more

Yukon People


Issue: 2015-06-11 PHOTO: Amelia Merher

Whitehorse to Atlin You can do this in two days, fully loaded with your camping gear. I rode to Tarfu Lake the first day, and was in Atlin before dinner on the second. If you haven’t been riding with full panniers, you might want to make the... Read more

Yukon Active


Issue: 2015-06-04 PHOTO: Amelia Merher

The more I bike the more I realize I need to carry less and less. Each training trip makes me optimize. That two-person tent becomes a one-person. That bag of all my bike tools I throw in my panniers gets sorted and pared down. Read more

Yukon Active

Kookatsoon Lake Merhar.jpg

Issue: 2015-05-28 PHOTO: Amelia Merher

Do you like wind in your face? Because if you love a headwind, I recommend biking south along the Alaska Highway. All that extra initial effort will just fade away into a lovely tailwind on your return trip home. Read more

Yukon Summer


Issue: 2015-05-21 PHOTO: Amelia Merhar

Welcome to the first of four articles on beginner bike touring around the Yukon. I’ll share a rundown of trips and some tips, as well as the official judgment from my quads, on which hills are the absolute worst. I’m a musician, not an athlete. Read more

Haines Junction

IMG_2184 (copy).jpeg

Issue: 2016-08-04, PHOTO: Becky Striegler

Amelia Merhar knows what it’s like to be a foster child, to go from home to home, and to be without a home at all. She wonders how that movement affects young people today, so she’s asking them to tell us, through art. Merhar, also known as Yukon... Read more

Family and Health

Big Mama Lele Covers

Photo: courtesy of Amelia Merhar

Amelia Merhar, better known in the Yukon music scene as Big Mama Lele, ended her Graduation Tour on May 10 in Fairbanks. The occasion? She's finally graduated university. Those familiar with her “FOMO Song” know why her Read more

Yukon Music

Sexy, smart, sassy, sultry, superfragilisticexpialidocious: five words Big Mama Lele uses to describe her music, and it's pretty spot on. With titles like "Dirty Old Man" and "Montreal Boys," as well as soulful pipes to go with her twangy ukulele tun Read more

Yukon Music