Andrew Connors

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June 12

“My goal has always been to provide the cinema experiences in the best possible form that we could muster with the resources that we have.” 

Film-maker and Available Light Film Festival director Andrew Connors 


Issue: 2017-07-05, PHOTO: courtesy of the Yukon Film Society

There’s going to be a new projector at the Globe Theatre this year when the Available Light Film Festival (ALFF) takes its films to the Atlin Arts and Music Festival. Andrew Connors, artistic director of ALFF, says this will give a sharper image... more

Jul. 05, 2017 midnight Photography - Film


Issue: 2016-11-16, PHOTO: Naomi Mark

There are many excellent training opportunities available to aspiring Yukon filmmakers of all levels, through several different organizations. The Screen Production Yukon Association (SPYA) is one such organization; this winter, it’s launching a... more

Nov. 16, 2016 midnight Photography - Film

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Issue: 2016-01-21, PHOTO: Yukon Film Society

For years Canadian cinema was referred to as invisible cinema for its lack of global impact and struggle to compete with Hollywood’s massive export of blockbuster films. Each year film festivals around Canada aim to disprove this notion and push... more

Jan. 21, 2016 midnight Photography - Film

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Issue: 2015-06-25 PHOTO: courtesy Douglas Drake

A few years ago the Yukon Film Society (YFS) unsuccessfully bid on a lease for the Hatch House in Shipyards Park, in hopes of hosting an artist residency. Although that didn’t work out, it planted a seed that has borne fruit this summer. more

Jun. 25, 2015 midnight Yukon Arts

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Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: courtesy of YFS

Thursday, February 12th The day kicks off with the festival’s final installment of the Fire Hall Film Talks, a series of free lunchtime discussions between filmmakers and artists about behind-the-scene development of projects. more

Feb. 12, 2015 midnight Photography - Film


Issue: 2015-02-05 Photo: Rick Massie

The 2015 Available Light Film Festival is bringing a jam-packed program to Yukon Arts Centre this February. The first half of the festival, Feb 7 to Feb 11, is covered here. Itinerary from Feb 12 to Feb 16 will be in next week’s paper. more

Feb. 05, 2015 midnight Yukon Arts & Entertainment


Issue: 2015-02-05 Photo: Tanya Tagaq

For those who missed Tanya Tagaq on stage at music festivals in the Dawson and Atlin, the Available Light Film Festival (ALFF) is giving Yukoners another chance to experience this acclaimed musician’s work on February 10 at the Yukon Arts Centre. more

Feb. 05, 2015 midnight Yukon Music

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Issue: 2015-02-05 Photo: The Wooden Sky

For Yukoners who miss having a music festival in February, the Yukon Film Society has stepped up. This year, the Available Light Film Festival (ALFF) has expanded to include musical performances. more

Feb. 05, 2015 midnight Yukon Music

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June 12

If you ask Andrew Connors to explain the appeal of film, the answer is simple and direct. “It transports me,” he says without hesitation. A self-professed “art nerd” who loves to read, Connors sees a strong parallel between the storytelling power o more

Jun. 12, 2014 midnight Photography - Film


Issue: 2014-01-30, PHOTO: courtesy of the Yukon Film Society

Canada's largest film festival north of 60 is about to get underway, as the 12th annual Available Light Film Festival begins in early February. Festival programmer Andrew Connors promises an impressive array of documentaries, films on the environmen more

Jan. 30, 2014 midnight Photography - Film

Andrew Connors has you in mind. All of you. And it isn't even creepy. Well some of it is — like Upstream Colour — but most of it is just harmless fun. more

Sep. 12, 2013 midnight Photography - Film

A powerful film about grassroots-level punk music in a religion not traditionally open to diverse musical tastes, Islam, blends with a heartfelt, passionate documentary following a young woman with cystic fibrosis. more

Feb. 04, 2010 midnight Photography - Film

"We had to lug a 200-pound TV each week and there was a lot of glare from the tent's door and traffic would drown out the sound," says Andrew Connors, Yukon Film Society's programmer. more

Jul. 09, 2009 midnight Photography - Film

Andrew Connors is very pleased with his 32-page program for the upcoming Available Light Film Festival. more

Feb. 19, 2009 midnight Photography - Film

A group of movie lovers gathers on a frigid Sunday in Whitehorse. In an apartment living room, they watch movies and eat popcorn. They laugh with a good comedy and are swept away with a gripping drama. But the home of Yukon Film Society president Mic more

Feb. 10, 2005 midnight Photography - Film