Andrew de Freitas

Andrew de Freitas is an artist and filmmaker of New Zealand origin, who has been based in Montréal since 2009. He arrived in Dawson City after spending the early months of 2012 shooting a film in Catalonia, Spain.

Sometimes there are moments in life where our experience of scenes and events, or our memory of them, doesn't match up with their physical form. It's tough to say which is more real—the way we perceive things, or the things themselves. Read more

Yukon Arts

Welzl spent his life traipsing around the world, lived in a Siberian cave for 30 years, wrote a bestselling book, and eventually settled in Dawson City to spend the later years of his life building an elaborate perpetual motion machine inside his Read more

Yukon Arts

"You're not writing anything the way you're used to writing it. You're not reading it that way either. Adding, subtracting, arranging. You're not looking for a centre." Read more

Dawson City