Annie Lake

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Issue: 2018-04-11, PHOTO: Kylie Campbell

We are in one of the few places left in the developed world to have an entire mountain and trail all to yourself. With the sheer size, vast open spaces and constant wildlife encounters, is truly a reason to visit – and live – in the north... Read more

Yukon Active

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Issue: 2015-10-01 Photo: John Birmingham

Hello Everybody, We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what's going on and what camera equipment you used to Read more

Living With Wildlife

Erin Stevens’ ten-year plan is to run the Yukon Quest. And she knows by that time she’ll have an entirely new compilation of dogs. Her six current dogs are from Deb Knight. Stevens handled for her a few winters ago. She says it’s not hard to get a g Read more


My first introduction to the CHAOS program involved driving up Grey Mountain to meet a group of grade 9 students and educators as they completed an extended hike on their final day of school before summer break. CHAOS, which stands for Community, ... Read more

Yukon Education