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Issue: 2016-11-02, PHOTO: courtesy of the Klondike Visitors Association

Employees at Klondike Visitors Association were surprised to find that a Jim Robb original hung on the wall for the centre. Early in summer, a call from Doug Thomas (also known as Gold Nougie Dougie), revealed to them that a painting of the Palace... Read more

Yukon See It Here

The in-between seasons: I never know what to do with them. Roller skiing is not an option as soon as the roads are graveled. I've had my share of near-death experiences going down Two Mile Hill and South Access without the road being littered with r Read more

Yukon Active

Whether you're in the Yukon, Alaska, or Arizona, your ground is the foundation of gardening, Read more


The highest peaks of the Animas mountains in the east are already colouring light pink. As the road dips slightly through an arroyo, there are broad rolling hills to the west. We haven't made many miles today, but it's time to set up camp. Read more

Yukon Outside

The atmosphere contains sufficient quantities of oxygen, but very little moisture. It is amazing that anything can grow here. The vegetation is as fantastical as anything I have seen on any other planet, with spears protruding from many of the variet Read more


By the time you read this, I will sitting on my brother's back deck where it is 40 degrees in the shade. My fiancé and I are heading to Arizona to tie the knot in his back yard as he and his wife stand up for us, and my niece officiates. And I know Read more