I quickly understood what she meant. With the "Daily Digest" version of the ArtsNet listserv arriving in my email inbox once a day, I promptly had zero-cost access to a large community of artists in the Yukon sharing information about arts sector job Read more

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Like mushrooms after rain, interesting mini-discussions pop up spontaneously from time to time on the ArtsNet list serve. A recent one that caught my eye concerned the age-old topic of arts reviews/critiques: what are they, what purpose.... Read more

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The wonderful ArtsNet list serve is many things: a notice board, a trading post, a soapbox. I've never posted anything on it, but the ArtsNet folder in my email program contains 4659 items at the time of writing ... And that's just the ones I Read more

I don't know what I was looking for when I walked into Baked Café for the Queer Coffee, advertised on ArtsNet. I knew I was going to interview Matt Koop-Pearce, the guy who created the event, but other than that, I think I was just curious..... Read more

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Centered in one of the Yukon Arts Centre galleries, as if on a page, stand 10 plinths and a "desk." Imagine the other 10 plinths stuck together without the spaces between them – that is the desk. A clear-handled, wide-edged brush ... Read more

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