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David Gilmour

Audio Borealis columnist David Gilmour wrote for What's Up Yukon February 2005 to November 2005.  David, was one of our original 12 writers, an excellent choice to cover Yukon Music.  He had such an appreciation for local artist and his stories were well received.  We will endeavour to curate the remaining 22 issues for 2005.

Question: What do you get when a pedal steel guitar player of many years puts his considerable musical abilities toward creating a CD? Answer: A sizzling, yet subtle group of 10 songs that has echoes of the many types of country music that have Read more

Yukon Music

The Yukon creates inspiration for artists of all disciplines. From basement studios and state-of-the-art professional studios-for-hire, this inspiration is finding more of a voice in the Yukon. Read more

Yukon Music