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Issue: 2017-02-01, PHOTO: Christian Kuntz Photography

It was the promise of bannock that first lured Melaina Sheldon into the orbit of Gwaandak Theatre in 2010. The Teslin-born actor, writer and arts administrator had just returned to the Yukon after studying and working in British Columbia. That's... Read more

Theatre - Dance


Issue: 2016-09-15, PHOTO: Ruth Lawrence

Another successful year has ended for the local gallery in Haines Junction. For the last five years, the gallery has been housed in the basement of St. Christopher’s Church. It started when Lynn De Brabandere, the minister, was having coffee with... Read more

Haines Junction

It’s an unfortunate household that doesn’t occasionally sit down to a simmering pot of delicious moose or other wild-game stew. It’s a meal that can be made easily in camp or at home and it’s guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest appetite. Read more

Making it is really simple, but it impresses everyone in camp when you do it for them. Even plain it is a real stick-to-your-ribs treat, but adding some pretty commonplace flavour enhancers makes your new reputation as a pastry chef. Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

This is a long time ago tail about how Bear lost his tail. At first Bear's tail was long then Fox did something wrong. Read more

Old Crow