Barbara Chamberlin


July 10 Issue

Yukon Musician Barb Chamberlin came to Yukon with her band the Cover Girls.

When the Cover Girls broke up, Chamberlin moved to Whitehorse and teamed up with Pam and Bernie Phillips and Manfred Janssen to form a new band, Agents of Chaos.

Her folk-blues CD, Sanctuary, released in 2000, was nominated for a West Coast Music award. Her 2005 release, Walking With Ghosts, was a mix of pop, folk, rock and country.

She became the Whitehorse Community Choir director in 2005.  She also directs the Persephones, and the Neptunes

In 2009, she released a third CD, Of Ice and Men. A fourth, called Boomerang Girl, September 2014.

Then, there are her students. And the four instruments she plays – piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone. And live performances with a variety of other local musicians.


Issue: 2019-04-24, PHOTO: Brian Pelchat

Spring is coming and so is the merry month of May, when a choir director’s fancy turns to … tartan? Yes, the Whitehorse Community Choir will be celebrating all things Celtic in its spring concert, Ceud Mìle Fàilte (Gaelic for A Hundred Thousand... Read more

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Yukon Christmas


Issue: 2018-04-25, PHOTO: courtesy of the Whitehorse Community Choir

"It keeps me young at heart," said Barbara Chamberlin, musical director of the Whitehorse Community Choir. Barb's enthusiasm, knowledge, musicality and great sense of humour carry the choir through the hours of rehearsal needed to polish each... Read more

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Issue: 2017-06-28, PHOTO: Bruce Barrett

As the name suggests, Whitehorse Community Choir (WCC) is all about community. The choir draws upon the people of Whitehorse and surrounding communities for its singers, accompanists, audience, inspiration and, ultimately – the most important... Read more

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Exactly five years after releasing her third album, Of Ice and Men, Whitehorse singer Barbara Chamberlin is about to launch a new one titled Boomerang Girl, under the nom de guerre of Queenie and the B’s. Read more

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July 10 Issue

If it’s April and you’re hoping to hear Barbara Chamberlin perform, forget about it. “April is just a killer month,” she says. “I wouldn’t even try to play out that month. It would just be too hard for me.” Read more

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July 3-2014

There is much respect for the rock gods of the ‘70s, whether you create your own music, or simply enjoy listening to it. Read more

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Whitehorse Choir Warming Up

Photo by Whitehorse Community Choir

The Sixties are making a comeback in Whitehorse this week, complete with musicians ranging from Pete Seeger to Led Zepplin. Read more

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2014-03-13, p07.png

Issue: 2014-03-13, PHOTO: Rick Massie

Songs tell the stories of places, and the Whitehorse Community Choir Yukon Song Project reflects the stories of the North. The WCC choir director Barb Chamberlain, and Susanne Hingley are collecting poems and writings of the Yukon. The goals: to... Read more

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Storytelling has always been an integral part of Yukon history and tradition, in all its forms and mediums. That's why this year, the non-profit Yukon Women in Music (YWIM) chose to make it the theme of their fourth and latest compilation album, "Son Read more

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When the Whitehorse Community Choir presents its annual spring concert this week, it will be in a different venue than usual—the Sacred Heart Cathedral on 4th Avenue. It will also be offering musical fare whose origins trace back as far as ... Read more

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They're dusting off their blazers and strapping on their tap shoes.Next week, the Grade 11 and 12 students of the Music Arts and Drama (MAD) program at Wood Street School will be going all-out to entertain with their year-end production of the 1980 Read more

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The Town of Faro will soon be taken over by teenage girls on a mission. Musical instruments in hand, they will immerse themselves in music for a four-day weekend at the first-ever Faro Girls Music Camp, beginning June 2. Read more


Over the past few minutes, 67 members of the Whitehorse Community Choir have arrived at the Whitehorse United Church ... Microphone in hand, Barbara Chamberlin calls out, "OK, let's stand up. Let's stand up. Let's have a massage." Read more

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Who's in for soaking up an afternoon of heartfelt acoustic and strong songwriting in a peaceful environment, while the snow outside drifts ever deeper? Read more

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In 1998, at the home of Lucie Desaulniers, a small but passionate group of women musicians started meeting to address the need for community, support and more venues for their songs and, in May 2000, the ideas thrown around at that first meeting came Read more

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This year's concert, entitled Pop Goes the Choir, will see the full choir, as well as its smaller off-shoots, The Persephone Singers, The Neptunes and The Chamber Choir, performing 22 pop tunes from the 60s to the 90s. Read more

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Barbara Chamberlin is loving the wordplay surrounding the Whitehorse Community Choir's upcoming Christmas show, Christmas Caliente. "It's music to warm your soul," she says deliciously. "To warm your Christmas." Read more

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"Zombies. The theme is obviously zombies!" A man wearing a black Mexican wrestler's mask, with a gaudy, bejewelled cross emblazoned on his forehead, spat poetry at the crowd, reading off a black iPhone. He spoke tersely, repeating himself in French Read more

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