Barbara Chamberlin


July 10 Issue

Yukon Musician Barb Chamberlin came to Yukon with her band the Cover Girls.

When the Cover Girls broke up, Chamberlin moved to Whitehorse and teamed up with Pam and Bernie Phillips and Manfred Janssen to form a new band, Agents of Chaos.

Her folk-blues CD, Sanctuary, released in 2000, was nominated for a West Coast Music award. Her 2005 release, Walking With Ghosts, was a mix of pop, folk, rock and country.

She became the Whitehorse Community Choir director in 2005.  She also directs the Persephones, and the Neptunes

In 2009, she released a third CD, Of Ice and Men. A fourth, called Boomerang Girl, September 2014.

Then, there are her students. And the four instruments she plays – piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone. And live performances with a variety of other local musicians.

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Issue- Jan13/2021

PHOTO: Erik Pinkerton Photography