Barrett Horne

Mare’s milk in the Bishkek bazaar

Photo by Barrett Horne

A welcoming smile greeted me through the glass, the face of the Kazakhstan immigration officer lighting up as if I was a dear friend. Striding out to meet me, he grabbed my hand warmly and invited me into his office. Read more

Condor Contest

A kilometer out on the ice, the motorcycle with its side-cart caught my attention, the olive drab silhouette contrasting sharply against the frozen surface of Lake Baikal, a vast sea of white some 40 km. wide and more than 700 km. long. Read more

Condor Contest


Alec Watson

Imagine a pleasant home filled with convivial souls, good food and drink at hand, and professional musicians to provide the evening’s entertainment. Read more

Yukon Music

There's a certain magic in the air when a living room full of people tune their ears, minds and hearts towards a soulful musician. That's the scene at Barrett and Carol Horne's place four times per year. Read more

Yukon Music