Issue: 2019-09-04, PHOTO: Pixabay

As mentioned in last week’s column, bats across the globe have an undeserved reputation. The little brown bat that inhabits this part of the world is only one of the 2,000 kinds of bats out there. Read more

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PHOTO: Murray Martin

Back in the 1930s and 40s, many weird stories hung from the tails of bats—they would get tangled in your hair, they were mixed up in witchcraft, a bite from a bat would condemn you to a life married to a witch. Read more

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Brown Bat

Of all creatures I have had the to opportunity to be involved with, the bat is the most interesting. The bat is also a creatures that, outside of the science world, the general public knows very little about. Read more

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My wariness of bats – I won't say abject terror, that's far too strong – dates back to the Eisenhower era. I can even trace it to a particular evening in 1952 (the year of the green Pontiac Pathfinder), when a bat suddenly swooped ... Read more


This weekend, I wanted to show the boys something I knew they would love. To tell the story properly, I need to go back to last fall. Read more

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