Bear Creek


Issue: 2017-08-16, PHOTO: Dan Davidson

The Yukon’s Discovery Day Holiday is one of those things that it’s kind of hard to pin down. While it was originally fixed to be the third Monday in August when it was established back in 1911, these days it is more likely to be the Monday closest... Read more

Dawson City

Boyle’s Yukon Machine Gun Detachment

Yukon Archives Photo/Oxford Historical Society Collection #84/78#112

In the view of Dr. Ken Coates, the North’s response to the challenge presented by World War I was to do the opposite of what people Outside might have expected. “They historically were seen as being very separate from the whole country,” he says, Read more

, Yukon History

Bear Creek Compound is owned by Parks Canada now, but it was once the thriving centre of operations for the Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation (YCGC), and it's safe to say that Dawson would not have survived as long as it has if YCGC had not been... Read more

Dawson City

You could expect a 10-years lifespan from mining projects, and Hakonson is well aware that placer miners have been roaming the creeks since 1898 and show no signs of stopping, but the short life of Viceroy's Brewery Creek Mine... Read more

Dawson City

For Yukoners who grew up in Dawson City in the 1950s and '60s, Bear Creek is a symbol of a lost age. Read more

Dawson City