Ben Mahony

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Issue: 2015-12-24, PHOTO:

Before coming to Nicaragua's beach mecca of San Juan del Sur, I had undergone a hostel scare in Granada - a polite-seeming colonial city with awe-inspiring architecture, nouveau cuisine and two sports bars. I had returned from dinner and was... Read more

Travel Outside


Issue: 2015-12-03 PHOTO:

Early in my trip to Nicaragua last spring, I lost my bank card. I had a large sum of money in the bank, but no access. After frantic calls from a phone booth as claustrophobic as a confessional, I got through to the bank. As I waited anxiously UPS... Read more

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Issue: 2015-07-09 PHOTO: Alistair Maitland Photography

Type Thing — available on the Bandcamp website — is a full length, home-recorded, independent rock n’ roll record by the artist known as Kitten Puppy, who I believe to be Whitehorse mailman Tom Pritchard. Read more

Yukon Music

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Issue: 2015-06-18 PHOTO: Ben Mahony

As we age do we revert to the simpler pleasures of youth? Perhaps all the way to the diaper? The symmetry of the baseball diamond and the unique strategy of this game-of-inches have inspired poets and hooligans alike. As middle age moves on, I... Read more

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Issue: 2015-06-18 Photo:

I heard Theo Fleury speak at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre in Whitehorse last summer during the Adäka Cultural Festival, but hadn’t had a chance to read his autobiography, Playing With Fire, until recently. I finished it quickly. Read more


This past summer I had the unique opportunity to meet former New York Times columnist Richard Kinzer in Leon, Nicaragua. During my time there I inhaled his account of the slings and arrows of the Sandinista revolution and made sure I was within... Read more

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Issue: 2015-06-04 PHOTO:

When “The Pink Floyd” released their 1967 experimental psychedelic classic, Piper At the Gates of Dawn, the term “Swinging London” had just been coined by Time magazine. Art school dropouts and all manner of urban Anglos were exploring music and... Read more

Yukon Music

In his classic account of Sandinista era Nicaragua, Blood of Brothers, Richard Kinzer notes, “With the sole exception of Roman Catholicism, no institution is as deeply rooted in Nicaragua as baseball. Read more

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Issue: 2015-05-14 PHOTO:

In her controversial interview with Maclean’s Magazine in November 2014, Joni Mitchell refers to Debussy and Duke Ellington as the gold standard of music that inspires “awe” in her. She also dismisses some of her acolytes — such as those who sing... Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2015-04-02 PHOTO: Album Cover of XO by Elliott Smith

My van died the day that I learned that Elliott Smith had put a knife through his chest. “Maybe it’s time to lighten up,” I mused. Some songwriters of that generation, and those who came slightly before, couldn’t muster the wherewithal to cope with.. Read more

Yukon Music


August 14, 2014

At some point Bob Dylan claims to have lost his edge. Or more specifically, his ability to capture transfixing and haunting images waned ever so slightly — at least in his own estimation. Read more

Yukon Music


June 19, 2014 Issue

Radiohead’s 1995 album The Bends clocks in at just over 45 minutes. I know that because my cassette tape that featured it would cut-off and flip over to "Crooked Rain Crooked Rain" by Pavement halfway through The Bends’ ultimate track, “Street Spirit Read more

Yukon Music

Tears For Fears The Hurting


The Hurting is worth a re-listen Two years before Tears For Fears’ 1985 Songs from the Big Chair album elevated them into superstardom, they released The Hurting. Read more

Yukon Music

Yukon Music


Issue: 2015-02-05 Photo: Claire Ness

I’m in the ‘98 drinking water (sober January) and waiting for Claire Ness to arrive. “London Calling” by The Clash is playing, which, for some reason, doesn’t feel out of place here. Read more

Yukon People


Issue: 2015-02-05 Photo: Peter Jickling

Here’s my dilemma: it’s 9:30 on Thursday night and I need to “put the paper to bed” by the end of the night. Everything else in complete, except my Jabbering. Read more



August 7, 2014 Issue

Sure, you’ve seen a moose head mounted on a wall before. It probably had really big antlers, too. But was it re-enacting a scene from Dirty Dancing? Or perhaps guarding a chest full of pirate treasure? Read more

Yukon Arts

The Yukon holds a certain charm in the eye of an artist. It could be the simple beauty of the place, or perhaps the opportunities it provides. Whatever the case, the arts community is strong here, and the music scene is perhaps the biggest of all. Read more

Yukon Music

For musician Ben Mahony, a Yukon resident for the last nine years, the answer lies in much the same vein, albeit with slightly more specificity. "There's something here ... it's like a special honesty in the people, a rugged honesty," he says. Read more

Yukon Music

A follow up to his Action/Reaction EP, which was recorded with his band The Big-Eyed Beans from Venus, this new album is a quieter, more mature effort showing off Mahony's talent as a writer of catchy Read more

Yukon Music

Pulling together Yukon acts – Speed Control, Twisters, The WiskeyDicks and Ben Mahony – Peters says they will get maximum exposure on the Friday night, Sept. 25. Read more

Yukon Music

Backed by Rob "Roxx" Hunter on electric guitar and Ian March on drums, Mahony is cycling through an insane series of cover songs that includes Don't Fear the Reaper, Whole Lotta Love, Prove My Love, Play That Funky Music and Read more

Yukon Music