Good footwear is a key factor in having an enjoyable experience when exploring the outdoors


Unless you are one of those people who cannot go anywhere except on a Quad, then your feet are still your primary means of travel. Our feet suffer less and work longer when they are cared for and housed in proper fitting, good quality footwear. Read more

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May 8 issue Elizabeth Kaye

Photo by Robert Postma

A visit with Gwich’in elder Elizabeth Kaye in Old Crow My daughter Emily and I are sitting in the home of Elizabeth (Liz) Kaye, enjoying the comfortable ambiance and the warmth only a large wood stove can deliver. Read more

Old Crow

Having laid out all that cash, you'll probably want the boots to last for a few years and that is certainly possible with a little TLC. If you've cared for the uppers, good quality boots can be re-soled to get you back on the trail for much less than Read more

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"We are always trying to connect with young women," says Kim Solanick, YWITT's executive director, "and we created a fun online survey – with prizes – to make that connection." Read more

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Everyone has had cold feet ruin or at least negatively impact an otherwise great day. Our feet are some distance away from our body heat source and are constantly in contact with cold ground, water and snow. Treat them right and you'll stay happy. Th Read more

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