Bryce Bekar

Bryce Bekar

Wild Pursuits columnist Bryce Bekar is member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada, the Outdoor Writers of America, Wild Sheep Foundation and the Yukon Fish and Game Association.

He believes that outdoor men and women are the key to keeping our environment safe and enjoyable for generations to come.


Issue: 2016-04-21, PHOTO: Bryce Bekar

We drove four hours from Whitehorse to one of my favourite fishing lakes, then an hour and a half across. As a sheep hunter that’s all the info we give on our hunting spots. If you know where that is, you know the Yukon better than I do. Looking... Read more

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Issue: 2016-02-04, PHOTO: The Bekar Family

2016 marks one of the most significant changes in my life. Over the years my hunting partner and I have sat around for days goose hunting, destroyed our boat moose hunting and had adventures that all the money in the world could never pay for. Read more

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Issue: 2015-07-02 PHOTO: Bryce Bekar

Hunting season is right around the corner; I started to go over my equipment this weekend. There are a lot of things that can be done to make a hunting trip more enjoyable; it can also be a headache when you get home if you didn’t make the right... Read more

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Issue: 2015-05-28 PHOTO: courtesy of Bryce Bekar

The 20-minute drive into the heart of polar bear country led to Sheldon’s secluded house. The large two-story dwelling looked out of place in the desolate landscape, and blowing snow squalls caused it to appear and disappear in the distance as I... Read more

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Issue: 2015-02-19 PHOTO: Bryce Bekar

My phone rang at 2:27 pm. Janessa was on the other end: “What’s going on dad?” “What are you talking about?” I said. It turns out the technology I use to reassure my family that I am okay works very well to inform them when I am not. As it should. Read more

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It’s been the toughest year to get motivated for hunting season. I’ve spent about 80 days over the last three years hunting moose and we've broken the Rhino, the truck, and the boat several times, trying to fill the freezer. Read more

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David De Lossy Getty Images

Today there are more and more articles on how guys are shooting game from 1000 metres away; what is this teaching our youngsters? Read more

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August 14, 2014

The first few weeks of the 2014 hunting season have passed and some enthusiastic hunters were have already been on mountaintops looking for Dall sheep. Others were, and maybe still are, are scouring the valleys and ridges for caribou or moose. Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

Around this time ever year I spend hours looking at maps and checking over equipment to ensure it can handle another hunting season. All the while, I hope I will be lucky enough to provide healthy, wild Yukon meat for my family. Read more

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July 10 Issue

My oldest daughter Hayley and I have spent her whole life in the outdoors together; we hunt geese, ducks, moose, and caribou. Read more

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June 2014

We were heading east to the steepest part of Mount Vanier, nearing the ridge. We could see dark clouds looming over the distant mountain range, slowly moving in our direction. Read more

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Dall Sheep

Photo by Herbert Arnold

Some things are worth getting to know On my drive to work most mornings I laugh at the guys on the radio playing a game called, You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know. They go back and forth seeing if the other guy knows the fact that is presented. Read more

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In every Yukon town and city we are less than five minutes from mother natures gifts. Spring is almost here and the world outside is changing daily. Birds are returning, snow is melting, and life is returning to the frozen mountains. Well, maybe not Read more

Yukon Winter

With warm weather things change quickly, as we have seen this year. By mid-December there was a great freeze on most lakes, with little snow. Then the pineapple express brought warm weather and bad ice. But as the weather cooled, the winds came up, Read more

Yukon Winter

Leaning against the counter at my wife Heather's staff party, I listened to tales of hiking trips, caribou hunts, broken ATVs and fishing trips good and bad. With the plethora of personalities involved we heard many perspectives of a similar story, u Read more

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Every time you pick up a magazine you can read how this guy did this and that guy shot that, but it takes a bit of humility to talk about the times you didn't get anything. Is there ever such a time to call it quits? Read more

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This award, which is only handed out to a handful of Canadians or Canadian organizations each year, recognizes the dedication he has shown in the conservation, restoration and enhancement of Canada's recreational fisheries. Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

Salmon fishing in Haines is one of the most exciting fishing trips a Yukoner can take. The vast array of species creates an opportunity for everyone. Fishing the ocean tides for kings in the spring, the Chilkoot River for pinks and sockeye midsummer Read more


I was born in Yellowknife and raised in Churchill, Manitoba, the same town my mother was raised in. One by one her siblings moved away as they got older, including her. This is common in small towns; a lot of people move on to experience different pl Read more

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In 2010, I was privileged to hunt with my 12-year-old daughter on our second successful moose hunt. We were able to get a shot at a large 64" Alaska/Yukon bull resting in the willows, but due to the hard walking, Hayley was unable to manoeuvre throu Read more

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