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Issue: 2017-10-11, PHOTO: courtesy of Stefan Voswinkel

Independent Management consultant Stefan Voswinkel has a question for Yukon entrepreneurs: “What does success mean to you?” Voswinkel is running a five-session workshop aimed at helping business-minded Yukoners figure this out for themselves... more

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Issue: 2016-09-08, PHOTO: courtesy of Michele Romanow

It is possible to come up with a million-dollar idea. But, from that eureka moment to seeing your bank balance tip over into seven figures, there is a lot of planning and cajoling and spending and risking. A lot. more

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Issue: 2015-11-26

Props, actors, lighting, sound, marketing; these are some of the small but numerous little details which turn a “piece” into a “show.” These things need hands to make them happen and cost money - sometimes a lot of money. Many of the shows put on... more

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Issue: 2015-11-26 PHOTO: Darrell Hookey

Standing in the hallway of the Horwood's Mall, looking into Climate Clothing, you don't immediately see the First Nation influence in the neat rows of clothing. You see earth tones, trending toward the dark due to the season, and little surprises... more

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Joy Karp Power of Serivce

Joy Karp Power of Serivce

When I first travelled to Canada and the United States I was impressed with the service I got — from the smallest breakfast restaurant, to a fancy steakhouse. Among other things, I enjoyed being called "sweetie" and "honey," by servers, and I... more


Owing your own business offers great rewards, with equally great opportunities. But some entrepreneurs consider themselves working alone in business, especially if they are filling a unique niche in the marketplace. more

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The ways in which technology improves the productivity of a business continue to grow. more

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