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After Hours Snacking

Selene Vakharia

Whatever we do to lead up to it, nighttime snacking is commonplace in many of our lives. While it may be delicious, a recent research report suggests what Oprah has been trying to tell us all along – it might just be a terrible idea. Read more

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Issue: 2016-02-04, PHOTO: Andre Hooge

Everyone from your mom to your niece’s best friend was/is probably a fan of Bowie. When he died a few weeks ago, my Facebook feed was just a stream of David Bowie songs, remembrances and YouTube links from such a varied group of people that it... Read more

Yukon Music

Four years after she officially retired, Robyn Ward-Clark still pulls two shifts a week doing what she’s always done: working with people. Following 31 years of “fascinating, but fairly stressful work” in the airline business ... Read more

Making A Difference!

"It's one day, one night; one community, one fight," says Donna Hogan, co-chair of the Relay for Life steering committee. "It's the largest cancer fundraiser event in the world," adds Scott Kent, regional manager of the Canadian Cancer Society. There Read more

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