Canadian Films

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Issue: 2016-01-21, PHOTO: Yukon Film Society

For years Canadian cinema was referred to as invisible cinema for its lack of global impact and struggle to compete with Hollywood’s massive export of blockbuster films. Each year film festivals around Canada aim to disprove this notion and push... Read more

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Popcorn With Maple Syrup

PHOTO of Mary Pickford

People who bemoan the state of Canadian film, when compared with the media juggernaut that is the American film industry, would do well to watch Popcorn With Maple Syrup Read more

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New Waterford Girl, playing at the Yukon Arts Centre on October 24, is a film about juggling tradition and modernity. Living in a small and extremely tight-knit community, being normal is the only way to have any privacy; anything out-of-the-ordinary Read more

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The last in Landmark Cinemas'Filmtastic Films series for this season screens this week at the Qwanlin. A Dangerous Method is the latest film from Canadian director David Cronenberg, and explores the historic origins of modern psychoanalytic.... Read more

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