Issue: 2018-10-03, PHOTO: Pixabay

I’ve already mentioned how easy it was to provoke calls on my radio open-line show in Charlottetown in the 1970s, by inviting listeners to share either recipes or gardening tips. One desperate morning, I stumbled across a topic that lit up the... more



Issue: 2018-01-24, PHOTO: Vanessa Ratjen

On the surface of national history, the Yukon is primarily known for events that happened more than a hundred years ago: the Klondike Gold Rush. Residents of the Territory today know, intimately, how much more there is to the region than its... more


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Issue: 2017-10-25, PHOTO:

There’s no need to be a closet comic nerd anymore. The genre has exploded into accepted popularity over the last 10 years and it’s definitely something worth openly celebrating. If you’re like me, however, and relatively new to the scene, you... more


Promise of Canada (copy).jpeg

Issue: 2017-10-04, Photo:

Continuing this series of reviews of books that deal with the Canadian identity and, to an extent, with the idea of Canada at 150, we come to the latest book by former Berton House writer-in-residence Charlotte Gray. It’s called The Promise of... more


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Issue: 2017-09-27, PHOTO: Vanessa Ratjen

“Ship’s logs, myths, stories of quiet exaltation and wrenching lamentations can all become poetry when the experience resonates deeply with the rhythm of the human heart…”— Anita Hadley in the introduction to Spindrift: A Canadian Book of the Sea... more


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Issue: 2017-09-06, PHOTO:

In the aftermath of getting kicked out by his wife, Jack Vesoovian begins a cross-country search for his missing friend, Petronius Totem. But there’s nothing straightforward about finding anyone in a world where a multi-national fibre optic... more


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Issue: 2017-08-02, PHOTO:

Henry is an introvert. He leads a fairly simple and solitary existence; works at a mechanic garage for wages and collects bones to assemble into bird skeletons for fun. He lives alone, quietly playing different supporting roles for the few people... more



Issue: 2017-08-02, PHOTO: David Popoff

“Come as you are, bring a friend or a parent or a daughter or a nephew, and be prepared to be blown away by NYO Canada's talented and passionate young musicians,” says Blanche Israël, external relations manager at the National Youth Orchestra... more

Yukon Music


What it means to be Canadian by Juliette Joe

It is special to be Canadian. Canadians are helpful, and we keep our land clean. more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN

Joe Zucchiatti Dunk.jpeg

Poem Image by Joe Zucchiatti

Let this winter be not so brutally cold as the last more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN

Old Passport .jpeg

Photo: Catherine Millar

During a trip to Europe many moons ago I travelled with a bunch of friends really in the know. They insisted on parasailing and soon were up and gone; I guarded our stuff on the dock and put sun tan lotion on. more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN

Alison Poem cropped.jpeg

Photo taken by: A kind stranger named Megan

First some background: my family and I joke that; if you have 4 closests for 4 seasons, you may be a Canadian. Without further ado, this submission is my rhyming couplet poem under 200 words. more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN

What it means to be Canadian by Eric Hindson.png

What it means to be Canadian by Eric Hindson

From coast to coast, we do shine Like the light from an azure sea There’s no where else in the world That I’d rather be. more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN

For me to be a Canadian in the force of life I had no choice in the matter, to be a Canadian, and a Yukon Canadian at that. this is why I am glad I'am a Yukon Canadian. more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN

AraminthaBradford (copy).jpeg

2017 Canadian Contest - Aramintha Bradford

What It Means To Be CANADIAN

Canadian – Living in one of Canada's capitols, near the Arctic Circle more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN


2017 Canadian Contest - Kate Koepke

Canada a country celebrating 150 years . We have lost many soldiers and cried many tears more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN

"What It Means To Be Canadian"

Renate Schmid

A Rhyming Couplet inspired by the show “Fly Over Canada” at Canada Place in Vancouver more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN

20170331_205407-1 (copy).jpeg

2017 Canadian Contest - Jeannine St. Marie

What it means to be Canadian We are a people like this land, wide open and wild, each of us as uniquely brilliant as the northern lights that dance across the sky in iridescent colours, each as diverse as the people who fill this magnificent land. more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN

What it Means to be Canadian What it means to be Canadian, it’s the essence of being free. It’s self determination and democracy, for family, friends and me. more

What It Means To Be CANADIAN