Caroline Drury

It was only logical for Debbie Peters to do what a Mom would do – pitch in and help. At the time, her sons Jesse and Graeme had formed a jazz trio with fellow F.H. Collins student Caroline Drury. Before long, the Peters Drury Trio ... Read more

As a young boy, I was sophisticated enough that, when given the choice of a chocolate bar or MacIntosh Toffee, I would always go for the "Mack." Read more


If you lived in the Yukon in the 90s, then you know the Peters Drury Trio. There was Caroline Drury with her crystal-clear voice; there was Graeme Peters, wildly talented on the drums and, well, just wild; and there was his brother, Jesse.... Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2005-03-25

Caroline Drury sings Love Potion #9. That’s all anyone needs to know before deciding to buy her newest CD, Loving You, Loving Me. Love Potion #9 was popular two decades before the 24-year-old former Yukoner was born. Read more

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