Cate Innish

Entering the theatre at the Guild Hall to watch Varietease: The Remount, the audience decides immediately, "Yup, this is a naughty place." We know from the smoky air and the deep red curtain and the dimly lit seating area. Read more

Theatre - Dance

"The Garden Party is a unique atmosphere because it's held at the Stehelin Ranch," Kate Weekes, a YWIM member, explains. "It's a beautiful location and privately owned by one of our members, Eva Stehelin. It gives us the freedom to create an event al Read more

Yukon Music

As we take down the hand drums she's been using to accompany Peggy Hanifan at Whitewater Wednesday, Innish and I set up her keyboard so she can take centre stage, singing and playing a mix of jazz standards and country songs. Read more

Yukon Music