Catherine Millar

''The bears aren't out yet," stated Louise in a confident tone of voice in response to a concern expressed about spring camping. "It's too early." Read more

Yukon Summer

Imagine you are sitting at your computer at home, one evening. Despite the fact that it's minus 27 outside, it's snowing – again. As if we need more snow ... Enough already. Read more

Theatre - Dance

At first glance it's difficult to know whether the large yellow beast is a dragon or a lion. Upon further inspection, looking closely at the large teeth and yellow hide, it's most definitely a lion. Oh, yes, certainly ... a striking yellow lion, set Read more

Yukon Culture

Emilie Joslin is the friendly person who will welcome you when you enter the Yukon Quest office. The walls of Joslin's office are covered with posters from each and every year of this amazing annual dog sled race, from 1984, right on through. Read more

Photography - Film

Imagine taking a roller coaster ride and then writing about it as if you were still on the ride. That is an example of a "live-it, tell-it" style of journalism ... Read more

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