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It’s not easy being a member of a minority group in the Yukon. I suffer regular incidents of dis- crimination where jokes and insults are made at my expense. I am denied jobs, wealth, prestige and power all due to my ethnic heritage. Read more




And the thaw continues. Its only mid-March, but the snow in Whitehorse is almost gone and the theme from the Twilight Zone goes through my head every morning as I splash through puddles on my way to work. Read more


OK Yukon – I'm going to say it only once. What's up? Or, as the online generation has abbreviated that statement to, 'sup? Not because I'm cool, but because I'm lazy and believe that less syllables are easier on the constitution, I am going to adopt Read more



Issue: 2017-04-12, PHOTO: Dan Davidson

The cupboard behind Dan Sokolowski’s head is still covered with the multi-coloured Post-it notes he’s been using to assign the 86 short films in this year’s Dawson City International Short Film Festival to various categories for Friday, Saturday... Read more

Dawson City

We all pay just a little more attention to coverage of events we attended just in case we are On TV. But On TV usually happens somewhere else, somewhere we can't reach. But there is something waiting to bridge that gap. Always there, often forgotten, Read more


The first time I saw Rob Stalkie take the stage, I could tell he was a natural. And now, only one short year later, this young comedian has fought through some of the toughest competition to be crowned the "Last Comic Standing" in the Yukon. Read more


Perspective, use it or lose it. I pulled that one from my dog-eared copy of Illusions, by Richard Bach. It's a fun read that takes a little more time expounding on the feathery philosophies he was discussing in his more famous work, Jonathan... Read more


Deep down in the cockles of my President's Choice Deluxe White Cheddar macaroni and cheese clogged heart, there's a yearning for some recognition. But not for myself. My need to perform is juxtaposed with my general shyness and predilection for... Read more


The Beatles

Our favourite Beatle tells others volumes about our personalities. And it is universal among people over 30 because most of us have a favourite Beatle. Read more


Dennis Fentie is the premier of the Yukon and watches over an annual budget of $550 million ... but I don't care about that. I do care that he likes to play Bridge and, before he lost most of his free time to that government job thingy of his ... Read more

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As a non-smoker, I looked forward to my first pub crawl after the anti-smoking bylaw was rolled out to bars Jan. 1. This sits sideways for some people who think government is putting its nose where it aught not be. As the majority of live music in Read more

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