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Past freelance writer Dale Cooper covered dance and dancers in the Yukon.

At the age of 24, Jessica Hickman has a wealth of skills and knowledge to share and teach in our northern community. Read more

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Hunter credits her hire for this prestigious position to a series of serendipitous events connecting her to Ronceria. She recalls how she began dancing at the age of 12, when she took tap classes in Lana Beebe's basement and moved on to jazz classes Read more

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The working life of a dancer is not all showbiz and stage time. Countless hours are also devoted to rehearsals, choreography, classes and workshops. Workshops are a welcomed spinoff of any touring dance show. It is here that local dancers can break Read more

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Yes, that is exactly what it is: people gathering together to dance. I attended the Yukon's first dance gathering on Oct. 17 – not as a participant, but as an observer. Jessica Hickman held this first dance gathering i Read more

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It is 3:30 in the afternoon, on a beautiful fall day in Whitehorse, and the long narrow hallway at Northern Lights School of Dance (NLSD) is bursting at the seams. Seventy dancers, ranging in age from three to 33, noisily wait their turn to audition. Read more

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Jude Wong and I sit facing each other, sipping our coffees. She is nibbling on toast, and I am picking at a muffin – two food staples of dancers. We are talking about SYIDA (Society of Yukon Independent Dance Artists). Read more

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The Northern Lights School of Dance (NLSD) is bringing the story of The Wizard of Oz to Yukon Arts Centre stage in full colour this month. "We've adapted it based on the 1939 film version of the story," says Dale Cooper, artistic consultant for the Read more

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If all the people who have played at Whitewater Wednesday Night Jam, Dan Halen has the coolest name. And it's his real name. Read more

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