David Gilmour

David Gilmour

Audio Borealis columnist David Gilmour wrote for What's Up Yukon February 2005 to November 2005.  David, was one of our original 12 writers, an excellent choice to cover Yukon Music.  He had such an appreciation for local artist and his stories were well received.  We will endeavour to curate the remaining 22 issues for 2005.

Like many of us here in Yukon we were dismayed to learn of his disappearance November 2005. The last time we saw him, he beamed with pride of his work with us, he seemed happy, we had such a pleasant talk.  He told us about his family, he said his brother is a writer too but David followed up with his thoughts that his own writing wasn't as good. His family would be proud to see what he has been up to here in Yukon. 

Below is a link his brother shared about David's passing.  Perhaps one day his family will understand this mysterious place in the North and why David loved it here.

RIP David you are missed

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Issue- Jan13/2021

PHOTO: Erik Pinkerton Photography