Issue: 2016-09-29

You’ve heard the word on talk shows or around the water cooler at work, seen it on the cover of Time magazine and books on every shelf, but what is mindfulness? What does it mean? And why is everyone talking about it? The world is a mess right... Read more

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What's Up Yukon May 12, 2016 Issue

Peanut butter I have to remember to get peanut butter why did she wear that today what was she thinking did he pick up the dry cleaning who was that actor in that movie about the dry cleaner why did I wear this today what was I thinking… Read more

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Didee Didoo Oct2014

By Allan Benjamin

Hard times are coming an’ there will be bumming. Times will be tough an’ there won’t be enough. On the land we have to survive an’ it will be hard to stay alive. Read more

Old Crow

Depression is part of the human condition. When it becomes persistent or disabling; when the world is black and white devoid of colour, it can be a wake-up call to transform the symptoms of depression from life-negating ones to life supporting. Read more

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