Issue: 2019-09-25, PHOTO: Pixabay

I frequently see trailered boats with the outboard in the “down” position. This increases the chances of  damage to the lower unit or broken prop blades from rocks thrown up by the truck or the trailer tires. If you must use the “down” position... Read more

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Issue: 2018-07-18, PHOTO: Tamara Fischer

Whitehorse gearheads will get their fix with the mud bogs in Whitehorse on July 21, located at the mud bogs course beside the motocross track off of Robert Service Way. The annual competition has been happening for decades and lets Yukoners show... Read more

Yukon Active


Issue: 2017-11-22, PHOTO: Ken Bolton

Anyone who has attended a Kim Beggs concert, or listened to one of her CDs, knows that the subject of death often shows up in her lyrics. It certainly did on October 12, during the sixth of 41 stops on her current two-month marathon tour... Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2016-09-29, PHOTO: Liz Barker, Camera- Sony Alpha6000

As children are once again back in school -- practicing their writing skills by reporting on the topic “What I did last summer,” -- it is a good time to reflect on how effective the opportunities for family-related memory-making were over the past... Read more

Travel Outside


Issue: 2016-01-28, PHOTO:

We gratefully dropped our packs in the well-appointed bedroom of the houseboat. After one hour and five boats we had settled on the first we had been shown, and, not having found anyone with whom to share, were looking at two nights of what seemed... Read more

Travel Outside

Yaris with damaged door.jpg

Issue: 2015-06-04 PHOTO: Dan Davidson

In just a few days we’ll be loading our little Toyota Yaris onto a freight truck and shipping it to Whitehorse to have a new driver’s side front door installed. It’s not that the car can’t be driven to the city in the summer. Read more

Dawson City


Issue: 2015-05-07 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

When I was learning to drive, one required skill haunted my dreams. Leading up to my driver’s test in the summer of 1998 I would go down to the Qwanlin “Mall” parking lot, after hours, and set up pylons. Then I’d practice parallel parking... Read more

Yukon Education

open road.jpeg

September 4, 2014

The peninsular city of Halifax isn’t a safe place to bicycle commute, but that sure makes it fun. The streets in the hilled port city are from a single-lane, dirt, horse-pulled-cart era. They graduated from dirt to cobblestone to pavement in most are Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

Did you know that new drivers in the Yukon need 50 hours of instruction before they can take their road test? I didn't know that. All I needed to get my driver's license, back in the day, was a Learner's Permit, a working vehicle and high hopes. Read more

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